Holidaying the Smart Way

Packing for VacationIf you are working full time, holidays can be like rare glimmers of sunlight in a cloudy world. You work 48 weeks a year for those four weeks of annual leave so when the time comes, you want to be able to make the most of your precious days off. While it sounds boring, a bit of organisation before your holiday can help you relax once it starts.

Look at the weather

It sounds like the most basic thing in the world but a huge number of people plan trips to holiday destinations without realising that it is monsoon season or that the ocean is full of jellyfish. Just because a place looks idyllic in photographs does not mean it is going to be that way when you get there! Talk to travel agents and browse the web for the best time to go, most tourist websites will be upfront about the ‘on’ and ‘off’ seasons.

Take time to read reviews

Hotel websites nearly always make the place look great. Using words like paradise, heaven and nirvana are sure to get you thinking the place is perfect. But take the time to look around and read reviews from people who have stayed there. The rooms might be dirty or the service poor and none of those things will be mentioned on their website! Likewise, you might find handy tips and local secrets about where to go once you get to your destination.

Pack light

You never wear everything you pack.  Everybody knows it yet we all continue to fill our bags with more stuff than we could ever need – seven pairs of bathers, jeans, shorts, dresses, heels, sandals, sarongs, towels, books… The list never stops. Pack basic clothes that go with everything and try to stick to two or three bathers at best. If you can’t bear to travel without your books, look into tablet rental. You can hire an iPad or a similar device for the length of your trip without having to commit to the purchase. That way, you can travel light and keep the costs down. Perfect.

Switch off

It is harder than it sounds but once you are on holiday, try and remove yourself from emails, phone calls, Facebook, Twitter and whatever else you are addicted to. You can’t fully relax when you can’t leave your phone for more than five minutes. Buy magazines, read books and just lie around. You’ll wonder why you were addicted to technology in the first place.

Holidays are made for relaxing so make sure that’s what you do! You never know when the next one will be so switch off that phone, grab a cocktail and laze the days away.


Sarah Paige uses her writing to make the latest technology relevant to ordinary people. She owns her own iPad and encourages everyone to have a go at tablet rental – you won’t regret it.


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