Heart-Racing Adventure Destinations Worldwide

Although our planet is very well-traveled, unlike it was in the olden days, there are still destinations one can enjoy with pure gleeful abandon. If you’re looking for adventure, adrenaline rushes and breathtaking views, there are plenty of locations you can enjoy that. The following list covers only a scant few of those amazing spots on our lovely planet and the activities you can enjoy while being there. We begin with a popular US destination:

Skiing Mammoth Mountain, California

Skiing at Mammoth Mountain, CA

This Sierra Nevada resort had the largest covering of snow on the planet back in 2010. Because of the interesting climate in the area the snow is plentiful, allowing one to enjoy the resort and its incredible 3500 acres of ski-able space. It has a staggering 3100 ft. drop in elevation and 28 lifts to get you there. If you have never gone there and you love winter sports, this is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a great time on the slopes.

Rafting in Idaho

White Water Rafting

Once again in the US, about a hundred miles to the southeast of Boise, the capital of the state of Idaho is the location of two amazing rivers. The so-called Bruneau-Jarbidge Rivers Wilderness is a parcel of wilderness spanning a whopping 90,000 acres. The waters of the rivers are an amazing turquoise blue color, running for 50 miles through the gorgeous red rock canyons. The walls of the Bruneau offer an interesting lush flora, which is pretty unusual about a desert environment such as this one, allowing hiking trips up or down the river.  Bruneau is only available for rafting in May to June while it still has its churning waters from the melting snow. Jarbidge is a shorter, 29-mile rafting opportunity which is considered Class V, offering volcanic spires, hoodoos and other gorgeous sights.

Biking in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina

The highlands here offer excellent opportunities for biking, hiking and other mountain activities. Although this country passed through the crucible of ethnic war during the 90s, it has a truly bright future ahead of it, developing once more into something wonderful. The wonders of the local mountains are something worth checking out and experiencing first hand.

Snorkeling at the Ningaloo Coast, Australia

Snorkeling at Ningaloo Coast, Australia

Located in the western parts of Australia, the Ningaloo Reef has become a UNESCO World Heritage site because of its natural features: staghorn corals, sponge gardens, an incredible population of whale sharks and more. Ningaloo lures in hundreds and hundreds of whale sharks each year during April to July, becoming a hotbed of marine activity. You can easily explore it with a kayak or a snorkel, as it is only a quarter of a mile from the shore. Being here is exploring a whole new world, with hundreds of species of fish, turtles, manta rays among them and more. The reef is teeming with life throughout the year.

Surfing at Todos Santos in Baja, Mexico

Todos Santos, Baja, Mexico

Located just 50 miles to the northwest of Cabo San Lucas, the small surf town of Todos Santos is on the west shore of Mexico and the Baja Peninsula. It is a place filled with artists, surfers and people enjoying life in general. The local point break called Cerritos is a place surfers enjoy quite a lot. Although years ago the place was in decline, a few years ago there has been development, an influx of hotels, surf shops and more. The low waves and the friendly locals make this an excellent location for a beginner surfer to start his board-riding days.


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