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Healthy Things To Do In LA

Los Angeles is the city that seems to have it all- gorgeous weather, beautiful people, great restaurants, and countless fun activities to do around the city.  Whether you live in or are visiting a city where Hollywood is at its center- it’s hard to get swept up into the many health and fitness fads. It seems like every other day, there’s a new health craze that has taken over… The “Lemon Juice Detox Diet” or the “raw food diet”, to just name a few, and the list goes on. However, these so called “diets” are not for everyone and some individuals just want to lead a healthy lifestyle. We completely understand, and have put together some healthy things to do in Los Angeles for the whole family that are conducive to a healthy lifestyle without being too extreme and don’t taste terrible.

surfer at Malibu Lagoon

Hike: Escondido Falls and Shipwreck

Los Angeles is not only home to beautiful beaches, but also provides equally as stunning hiking spots as well.  Take a break from the busy city and enjoy a decent workout with spectacular views of the ocean at Escondido Falls. Located in the heart of Malibu, this hike is a little over a four-mile round trip trek that takes you to the base of a spectacular 150-foot waterfall (yes, they do exist in LA!). You will forget that you are in LA all together! Bring a picnic or eat lunch at Neptune’s Net and people-watch the surfers for a little extra entertainment. Another cool hiking spot is the Shipwreck Trail located in Palos Verdes.  Although PV is located deep in the South Bay, the views that the hike provides are more than worth the commute. You will walk the PV shoreline for about a mile and along the way you’ll find parts of the shipwreck strewn about the beach. There are also plenty of small tide pools that are great for exploring. After about a mile you will hit the wreckage that is a skeleton of a Greek Freighter, called the Dominator that crashed on the shore about 40 years ago.

Juice: Liquid and Pressed Juicery

A fad that is currently popular in LA but is definitely not as extreme as some of the others is Juicing, and most of the juices taste amazing! If you are a fan of fresh organic fruit- then you must try Liquid Juice Bar located on Melrose. Liquid makes some of the best juices, smoothies, and Acai Bowls in Los Angeles. All of their smoothies and juices are made from scratch and they have an endless variety of different options to choose from. Another LA favorite is Pressed Juicery in Westwood. The shop itself is clean, spacious, and very trendy looking and offers a variety of different fresh pressed juices with everything from vegetable to citrus to fruit. If you’re feeling under the weather, they have a juice for that. If you’re dragging from a date night and need a boost, they have a juice for that too- they literally have you covered with any type of flavor, mood, or craving.  And, if you’re feeling ambitious, they offer 3 and 5-day juice cleanses as well.

Eat: M Café (Melrose) and Local (Silver Lake)

Sometimes it can become a bit overwhelming when trying to choose a “healthy” restaurant to eat at in LA when there seems to be one on every corner. However, one that should not be ignored is M Café located on Melrose Ave. Conceived by Gwyneth Paltrow’s private chef, Lee Gross, M Café prides itself on being Macrobiotic- clean; natural food is what you’ll find here. This restaurant is a hot spot to many celebrities and health conscious locals and the food is not only healthy but actually tastes good.  Another health conscious yet equally as delicious restaurant that should not go neglected is Local. Situated in Silver Lake, everything on their menu is fresh, organic, and uses locally sourced ingredients.  They have a variety of different options to choose from ranging from sandwiches and burgers, to baby back ribs with Mac and Cheese and not to worry, a large vegetarian menu as well. Local also has a popular organic salad bar that is priced by the pound. The restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating that makes it a perfect place to bring dogs and enjoy the LA sunshine. Local is what Silver Lake dining is all about!

Surf: Malibu Lagoon State Beach (Surfrider Beach)

Malibu Lagoon State Beach is just steps away from the affluent mansions that line the Malibu shoreline. Known as Surfrider Beach thanks to its rich Southern California surfing culture dating back to the 1960s, this beach is still a popular destination for surfers of all levels. Centered on Malibu Lagoon, where Malibu Creek drains into the sea, the area creates amazingly consistent, perfect smooth-breaking waves that have attracted surfers from all over the world for decades. East of the swimming and surfing beach, the historic Malibu pier is an excellent spot as well to walk, people watch, enjoy a picnic, or go fishing. If you are looking for a healthy activity in LA, Malibu Lagoon State Beach provides just that, and more!

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