Your Guide to Haunted Redditch, Worcestershire

If you’re intrigued by things that go bump in the night then head to haunted Redditch in north-east Worcestershire… will you see anything scary? As our guide will prove, you’ve got more than a ghost of a chance.

Are you dead-set on seeing spooky ghosts, ghouls and poltergeists?

If so then you should be planning your trip to Redditch now – one of Britain’s unsung haunted hotspots where you might just find what you’re looking for…

If you’re a budding ghost-buster you’ll find the town has more than its fair share of spooky locations, with grim histories and scary stories. And if you’re an aspiring psychic, you may well find your sixth sense tingling at a few of the towns creepiest places.

Whatever kind of ectoplasmic experience you’re after, you should book into the affordable Premier Inn in Redditch, buy your travel ticket, pack your holy water, put on a clean pair of underpants and get ready for a supernatural adventure to remember!

To help you in your quest for frights, we’ve picked out some of the best…

The Haunted Shopping Center

The haunted Kingfisher Shopping Centre in Redditch
Credit Rept0n1x, Licensed under Creative Commons

The Kingfisher Centre has had a spooky reputation since it was built in the 1970s. It’s long been rumored that a part of the building was constructed on top of the burial ground of the Evesham Street Congregational Chapel.

Over the years many people have reported seeing mysterious figures walking around the building, as well as hearing strange otherworldly noises in the dead of night. Browse through the spooky shops for your own chance of glimpsing some spirits from the graveyard below – and if you don’t catch a glimpse of a ghoul then at least you can get some new togs.

Bordesley Abbey

Bordesley Abbey in Haunted Redditch

The remains of this 12th century abbey are visited by many tourists eager to see the archaeological remains of a building that has a fascinating history. Rumor has it though that they are not the only things that visit this spooky old ruin.

The ghost of the notorious Guy de Beauchamp, 10th Earl or Warwick, is reputed to wander through the ruins of the abbey, but the ‘Black Dog of Arden’, as he was known, might not be someone you want to meet – as Piers Gaveston discovered in the 14th century. Gaveston was a political enemy of the Black Dog, who dealt with him with the less than subtle technique of kidnap and execution… so if you meet his ghost – be polite!

The Haunted Pub

The Barley Mow pub in Studley is another building said to be constructed on a grave yard… what is it with the town planners in Redditch?

In addition to pints and pub-food you might just catch the glimpse of a poltergeist or two by the bar. The pub also plays host to the occasional psychic fair too so there’s always the chance you’ll find a supernatural surprise.

While you’re at the pub, grab a pint of beer, like my favorite Old Speckled Hen, and pair it with any of these iconic dishes from British cuisine.

The Restless Spirit

Finally, the district of Moon’s Moat is reputed to be the site of regular appearances of the spooky Lady Mohun. This area of Redditch used to be the site of a grand medieval moated homestead that was inhabited by the Mohun family until the 18th century.

Little remains of that ancient building, but the ghost of one of its old inhabitants is said to roam the land on the eve of St Agnes (21 January) each year. Bloodchilling tales of ancient suicides, murders and mystery are attached to the site which could explain the yearly spectral caller…

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