Great Holiday Attractions In London

You could spend a month in London without running out of amazing things to see and do. However, if your holiday time is limited, you will want to make sure you visit the top five holiday attractions in London.

Tower of London

You do not have to be a history nerd to enjoy the historic Tower of London. Besides having over nine hundred years of British history, the towner is also home to the crown jewels. The staff here is known for being knowledgeable and friendly. When visiting the tower, you can tour it on your own, listen to an audio tour, or take a guided tour. Since there is a ton to see at the tower, many people feel their time is best spent taking a guided tour.

A trip to London would not be complete without a stop at the world famous Portobello market. Even if you are on a holiday, you will feel like a true Londoner when you are shopping at the market. From antiques to groceries, the market has just about everything a shopper could want buy. Many people go to the market when they are hungry, so they can stop at one of the yummy food stalls for a bite to eat. If you do not love crowds, you will want to visit the market during the week, because Saturdays are usually extremely busy.

Parliament Hill is another must stop on a London holiday. This hill was named for the troops, who were loyal to the parliament, during the English civil war. The dramatic views are why so many tourist and Londoners flock to this open parkland in northwest London. The best time to visit here is on a clear days, so you can see miles of the capital city. Flying kites and visiting the farmers market are also popular activities of visitors spending a day on the hill.

If you have always wanted to know how the royals live, you will want to stop at Buckingham Palace. Home to the royals since 1837, this is one the most popular holiday attractions in London. Guests can visit official state rooms, where the royal family often hosts heads of state. Another perk of visiting the palace is that each admission includes an audio tour.

London's Globe Theater

Spending time at one of the many theaters is a favorite pastime for people on holiday in London. Shakespeare fans love going to shows at the Elizabethan-style Globe theater  Others enjoy going to the West End Theatre and the Royal Opera House. The West End Theatre has been open since the English Reformation. The Royal Opera House was founded in 1946 but was remodeled from 1997 to 1999 to give it a more modern feel. Visiting one of these theaters is a great way to experience London. Shows can sell out fast, so ordering theatre tickets ahead of time, is a great way to ensure you will not miss seeing your favorite show.

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