Great Concert Venues in Los Angeles

Los Angeles has always been known for its vibrant musical culture. It is home to many music landmarks such as the iconic Capitol Records, A & M Records and Universal Music Group. It has also been the home and birthplace to many great artists and bands, such as The Beach Boys, Snoop Dogg, The Eagles, Metallica, Maroon 5 and Silver Sun Pick ups. With LA’s rich music background, the city offers a plethora of different concert venues to go and catch some of your favorite bands or artists. However, we have narrowed it down to the three of the best venues with three completely unique experiences for seeing concerts in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Downtown and Mountains

Lure Nightclub is one the newest and best venues to go and see a DJ perform. Located in Hollywood, what makes this nightclub a top pick is that the venue generally tries to host some legitimate talent. It is not a massively huge club, which gives it more of a lounge feel and there is decent sized dance floor located conveniently in front of the DJ booth. The décor is very modern and unique as everything is white and they have colorful lantern-like balls on the ceiling that move to the rhythm of the music. Lure tends to draw a less pretentious crowd than say Drais, which is refreshing, as most people here come to actually listen to the DJ and dance. Past DJs that have performed here have ranged from Felix Cartal, RAC, Treasure Fingers, and Calvin Harris.

El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles, California

The El Rey Theatre is one of the best venues in Los Angeles to go and see your favorite band/artist in a more intimate setting. Located mid-city, the décor has an iconic look with a red decadent velvet curtain that remains closed until the performer(s) are ready, red carpets and three huge antique chandeliers that hang high above on the ceilings. The sound and acoustics is top notch for a smaller venue making performances unforgettable. No matter what your taste in music is, the El Rey hosts a variety of different musicians, ranging from Miike Snow, Dillon Francis, The Drums and Regina Specktor. The El Rey is a venue that will provide an intimate concert experience that you will not want to miss.

Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles

The Hollywood Bowl is one of the largest natural amphitheaters (seats nearly 18,000) in the United States and is also located in the heart Hollywood. It is one of the best venues in Los Angeles to go see a live performance or concert. What makes this venue so special is its location. The seating is outdoors and the backdrop encompasses the Hollywood Hills and the historic “Hollywood” sign. Another great facet of the bowl is that the venue allows its guests to have picnics before and during the shows. Audience members can bring food and alcohol inside the venue, making your night cheaper and more intimate. The amphitheater has had many famous performers ranging from such artists as Ella Fitzgerald, Simon and Garfunkle, Elton John, Mumford and Sons, and Ellie Goulding. The Hollywood bowl is a must go to venue to see any of your favorite artists- no matter what the genre.  It is a concert experience that everyone must experience once.


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