GPS Tracking for your Vehicle While You’re Away

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Planning a vacation requires much thought and research into how you’re going to get where you’re going, and myriad details involving your itinerary, lodging, food, etc. However, your planning is not complete before you’ve also ensured that your belongings are well protected while you’re away. Thieves who notice a vacated home will often target the vehicle rather than the home itself, as stealing the vehicle is a lot quicker and easier than entering a home. The National Insurance Crime Bureau advises that the best way to protect your car while you’re away is with GPS tracking.

There are several different types of GPS tracking devices. Real Time GPS trackers are small devices that use radio waves to instantly relay the location of the vehicle in which the tracker is placed. The GPS coordinates of the vehicle can be viewed using an internet connection from anywhere in the world. Most real time GPS trackers come with a monthly fee, similar to the service provided for a phone line. For travelers who only require the device for one time use, there is also an option of renting a GPS tracker.

GPS loggers work by tracking and recording the location of the vehicle. The benefit of this device is that it is a low cost way to monitor the goings and comings of your vehicle, with no monthly fee. It is great for monitoring teenagers. However, the GPS logger must be retrieved from the vehicle and plugged into a computer to view the history of where the vehicle has been. It will be no help in locating a missing vehicle.

When choosing a GPS tracker, think about how you want to power the device. A battery powered GPS tracker is quick and easy to install, and can easily be transferred between cars. A wired GPS tracker takes about thirty minutes to install, and is a better option if you plan on keeping it in one car. It has the benefit of not requiring battery changes.

Some GPS trackers have added capabilities that allow the owner of the vehicle to actively prevent theft, rather than just tracking the vehicle’s whereabouts. Some vehicle tracking systems allow owners to control the vehicle remotely, blocking the doors or engine in case of emergency. Some devices also send automatic alerts to notify the owner if the car’s alarm is triggered, or it is moved without authorization.

Some service providers, such as OnStar or LoJack, provide GPS tracking of the vehicle. In this case, car owners need not invest in a GPS vehicle tracking device.

Before leaving, you will make sure that your plants are watered and your dog is fed and walked daily. Don’t neglect your car, arguably one of your most costly and prized possessions. A GPS tracker can keep your car safe while you’re away, and allow you an added measure of peace of mind so you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest extent.

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