Going Camping? 5 Essentials to Pack for Your Family

campingGoing on a camping trip with your family can create life-long memories for your children, instill an appreciation for nature, and allow everyone to enjoy some quiet time in nature for the weekend. When it comes to camping with a family, there are some essentials items to remember to make the experience a positive one for everyone involved.


Pack a tent that is large enough for the entire family. There are many minimalist tents that you can squeeze people into, but having a roomy, sheltered space to stay out of the sun or rain is crucial. Aim to take a tent that will sleep more than the number of people you plan on taking so there is plenty of space to spread out.

Warm clothing

It gets cold at night while camping so be sure to pack plenty of warm clothes. Fleece is an excellent insulator and packing a pullover for everyone will ensure that everyone stays warm. Pants insulated with wool are also great for lounging around camp during the evening hours; beanies are excellent for keeping your ears warm.


Be sure to pack plenty of fun snacks for camping trips. S’mores (click here for some great recipes)¬†are the quintessential camping food, so be sure to pack graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows to roast over the fire. For breakfast and dinner, bring simple, single-pot meals to make cleaning up easy. Sandwiches are a great option for a lunch that doesn’t create a mess. Just bring a variety of condiments, lunch meats, and cheese and have everyone make their own sandwich.

First-aid kit

There is nothing worse than having a camping trip ruined by a scraped knee. Bring along a basic first-aid kit outfitted with bandages, gauze, and anti-bacterial cream. Also make sure it has insect repellent and some cream to help relieve the itch of bug bites. A bag a baby wipes will go a long way towards cleaning anything from scrapes to hands before a meal.


While there are plenty of ways to stay entertained by exploring the woods or telling ghost stories around a campfire, sometimes it’s nice to have games to play at the picnic table. Card games are great to play during a lazy afternoon so bring along a deck of cards to play Hearts or Go Fish. Other options are to pack other games that don’t have a lot of pieces to lose in the dirt.

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