Glamping – Low Dollar Vacations with a Twist!

Why is it that a budget vacation in a low-cost hotel seems seedy and leaves you wanting to take a really hot shower, but staying in a tent makes you feel like you stumbled across a secret nobody knows about? A tent makes the ordinary extraordinary: a tent over a toddler bed makes it into a magical wonderland, and a canvas gazebo turns your backyard into a Mecca for entertaining.

You Can Afford to Go Glamping

If you really need a vacation but really can’t afford it, take out a payday loan and go glamping—otherwise known as “glamorous camping.”  You’ll stay in a luxury tent with comfy bedding and in many cases, electricity and running water. You can pay back your vacation a little at a time when you get back. You won’t even mind the money coming out of your paycheck, because you’ll be rejuvenated and renewed.

Maui Eco-Retreat, Hawaii, USA
The eco-friendly accommodations at the Maui Eco-Retreat bring the outside in. The Bamboo Temple features a private outdoor shower, a four-poster canopy bed, and a huge glass window that gives you a full view of the ocean and the gardens. The Thai Hale eco-cottage is built completely of bamboo, a renewable resource. The main house features a variety of rooms that can be booked individually. The entire resort was developed with sustainability in mind.


West Lexham, Norfolk, United Kingdom

Twenty-one acres of meadows, gardens, ponds, and streams are at your disposal in this eco-friendly, sustainable glamping location. Visitors can stay in bell tents, a tree house, cottages, or an indoor camping dorm—which provides all the pleasure of camping, including grass corridors and safari tents indoors.

West Lexham strives to be an example of a completely sustainable community where people can learn about eco-friendly living and how to practice it in their daily lives. It’s a place where nature and community truly are one. If you haven’t quite saved up enough to take a vacation here, you can volunteer in exchange for board. You’ll learn something and have a wonderful vacation at the same time.


Doe Bay Resort and Retreat, Washington, USA

Doe Bay combines a beach vacation with outdoor adventure and luxury camping. You can sleep in a cabin, a hostel, a yurt, or your own tent and enjoy a guest lounge, library, and waterfront café by day. You can head out for the wilderness with a kayak tour or a hike in Moran State Park or stay on the property for a yoga session and a soak in a hot tub. Whether you want to hit the trails or enjoy a little pampering, you can do it without paying high spa-resort prices at Doe Bay.


Yurt – Treebones Resort


Treebones Resort, California, USA

Treehuggers and seekers of the good life will find peace and tranquility at Treebones Resort. Like many other glamping resorts, it offers comfortable accommodations in cozy yurts—but it also boasts an outdoor sushi bar, a heated pool with an ocean view, and a hot tub. Perhaps the most unique attraction at Treebones is the human nest. This piece of woven wooden art cradles you as you drift off in a gentle breeze under the stars.


Even if you haven’t won the lottery, you can take a luxurious vacation at an eco-friendly glamping retreat. There is something so peaceful about waking up to the crisp, outdoor air and listening to the crackling of the campfire as you retire for the night. Instead of splurging for an expensive spa or a crowded resort, take a step off the beaten path and spend your money wisely on a glamping vacation.

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