Spice Up Your Romance in Hungary

Its beauty and grandeur is indescribable, its art and music scene is one of a kind, monuments are nothing sort of a living history, romantic rivers persuade you to go with the flow and quality wines have an innate ability to turn a teetotaller a dipsomaniac. Hungary, situated in the heart of Europe, is a country for which even a most ornate description sounds an understatement. And Europeans are not alone in falling with the love of this heart shaped landscape as wanderers from far flung areas also board flights to Hungary where surprises are so commonplace. Besides its museums and places of sightseeing, the country offers enough options for couple to enjoy some romantic moments far from prying eyes.

Here are some of the most romantic destinations in Hungary.

Mátra Hills

Give your ongoing romance a new high with your visit to Mátra Hills nestled in the in the Mátra Nature Reserve. Take your sweetheart’s hand spouse and climb to the Kékes hilltop, the peak of the country, to catch the panoramic view of the surroundings. You can also avail yourself of wellness therapies here. Further you can visit towns of Parád and Mátraháza which are known for their friendly population and hospitality with warmth.

Get a Spa Treatment

If you are interested in spa treatments, you should visit the town of Sárvár which is known for its great pampering luxuries. You can also make a visit to nearby attractions that include Nádasdy Castle, Sárvár Medical Wellness Bath and the boating lake.

Spa treatments

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Hévíz is another haven for romantic souls as the couples can spend some quality time here that could be the founding stone for years to come. The Lake of Hévíz is one of the most serene destinations. You can spend most of your time visiting the lake or take part in a couples massage here as well.


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Lake Balaton

Lake Balaton could be an ideal place for romantic souls but going to this place during summers should be avoided as the place remains jam packed with tourists. During off seasons, the place becomes a cocoon for romantic. Take a romantic walk, ride a boat cruise to Tihany Peninsula, or just choose to remain inside your hotel room, as every experience will be romantic  to the core.


The Palace Hotel of Lillafüred serves twin purposes as it is a hotel and place of tourists’ interest. But it is not the sole attraction here as you can go to visit St. Stephen Dripstone Cave, take the forest train and enjoy boating at Lake Hómori. After enjoying boating experience you can gorge on local delicacies.

Lake Tisza

To add some pizzazz to your trip you should visit Lake Tisza region. Take a boat ride on the lake where birds and water lilies abound You can also make a visit to large adventure park nearby.


Egerszalók is an open air spa located in the Heves. Once you have visited the place you should visit the historical town of Eger.


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So if cupid’s arrow has struck than steal some time from your busy schedule and book a business class flight to Budapest to give your romance a new high. Good luck and Godspeed!



  1. This looks so astonishing. I will say it is a perfect holiday destination with a lot of attractive places around.

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