Get Outdoors: 6 Vacations for the Adventurous American Family

Family vacations are all about breaking out of old routines and diving into new experiences. There’s no better location than the great American outdoors for discovering the unknown and exploring familiar favorites. Here are five exciting ideas for turning your next getaway into a family adventure.

fly fishing

1. Canoe a coastal stream in Oregon.

Beaver Creek is a favorite, but all of these crystal clear waterways offer easy access to trips that glide through forested country filled with wildlife. Expect muskrat and nutria to join your winding trek past beaver channels and marshes filled with waterfowl. Riding the rising tide adds to the fun, and state park facilities are available to keep the family comfortable.

2. Fly fish the Colorado River.

If you’re angling for spectacular scenery, the Rocky Mountains are a perfect setting for casting your luck and landing a fresh trout dinner. The high elevation is guaranteed to buoy spirits, and the kids can try their luck in the shallows while you keep track of your trophies in a handy leather fishing log from

mountain biking

3. Mountain bike through the other Grand Canyon.

One of Texas’ best kept secrets is its biggest natural attraction. Palo Duro Canyon is a canvas of geological history blended with dramatic natural color. Start your journey at the striking Lighthouse formation near the rim, and take your time exploring more than 60 miles of breathtaking beauty.

4. Ride horses to the bluffs overlooking Lake Ozark.

Winding trails and an easy climb to the top make this adventure ideal for family fun. The lake provides a stunning backdrop as you enjoy your trek through this gentle roll of the famous Ozark Mountain Range. Streams, ponds and rock outcrops mark the ascent in the company of chipmunks, lizards and woodpeckers.

5. Swim with the fish in the Gulf of Mexico.

Florida’s western coast is a relaxing stretch of white sands, turquoise waters and state parks that turn the sport of scuba diving into an easy splash even for beginners. Explore the brilliant colors of natural coral, enroll in schools of native fish, and chase crazy crabs through this pristine water world. A sunset picnic on the beach makes a delicious ending to the day.

camping in Yellowstone

6. Camp in Yellowstone

You can’t get more American than America’s oldest National Park. The possibilities in this park are endless, so plan on camping for a few days to hike, and explore this beautiful area of the country.

While it’s fun to play at theme parks or tour the big cities, try something different on your next family vacation. Think outside the ordinary itinerary, and leave a door open to all the great adventures that are waiting outdoors.

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