Get Blown Away By London: Your Home Away From Home!

The thought of a holiday travel will always make us anticipate all the new, extraordinary and exciting views, activities, food, nightlife, interesting locals, culture and much more. However, in spite of an amazing travel, there will always be something way back home that we will always long for. Among these are comfortable place to stay, unpretentious and amicable people, and fun but cheap escapades.

London Skyline

In London, tourists can have the best of both worlds by having a different and exciting travel experience and at the same time, experiencing the comforts similar in their home land. Here are the amazing things to look forward to in the biggest city in Europe:

Hotels and apartments – London is among the most toured city in Europe and even in the whole world so tourists should not have a hard time finding a place to stay.

The challenge comes in finding one that will suit your specifications. Those who want to make sure that they have the best accommodation, amenities, and the most comfortable bed to sleep in can choose among the wide array of 5-star hotels. Among the popular 5-star hotels are Leicester Square, Le Meridian Piccadilly, Metropolitan Hotel London, and Radisson Blu Edwardian Hampshire.

On the other hand, tourists who will find themselves in their itineraries for the most part of the day and even in the evening will opt to spend more practically on their lodging. Apartments/houses for rent are also everywhere in London. For an even cheaper accommodation, tourists can ask about hostels and university dorms that are being rented out during summer.

And with either 5-star hotels or cheaper accommodations, it’s always easy to find those that are near tourist spots, shopping malls, the airport theaters and other attractions. This way, they can choose which place to stay that will suit their interests.

Enjoy amazing places without spending too much or none at all

If you don’t want to feel carefree by seeing as many as you want without emptying your wallet, this should not be a problem. There are places that may not be as glamorous but they are not some place that you can chance upon in your home town and you won’t be spending too much will certainly make them worth your visit. Also, some of these places even have a mark in London’s tourism.

London’s centuries old churches are among the interesting tourist spots in the city. Southwark Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral and St. Jame’s Church are among those that are worthy to include in one’s itinerary.

How often have we been intrigued with famous movie and novel settings? In London, the Central Criminal Court of England has been in the background of many famous movies and novels. You may have chanced upon this place in the movies A Tale of Two Cities and V for Vendetta.

Then there’s also the National Portrait Gallery near Trafalgar Square. Almost every London travel guide will certainly mention place. Anyone can check out this place without any cost giving an entertaining view of around 10,000 portraits of famous and prominent figures in the history of Britain.

Once tired from a day full of itineraries, tourists can have a lazy day off at the Hampstead Heath. They can also feast their eyes on wonderful and natural views such as the ponds, expansive greens grass, and trees.

Final Words

Although London is indeed, is a country full of fantastic sights and attractions, it’s also a place where you can be as comfortable as you are at home and go around without spending too much. It’s always easy to find travel and accommodation deals in London that will suit one’s specifications especially when looking for a place that is exciting and at the same time, will make you feel like at home just when you need it.


Sandy Allain is always amazed about everything in London: amazing sights as well as enjoying in it on a budget. Find out more helpful tips and interesting London travel guide in his next posts.

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