Geocaching: Surprising New Way Family Outings are Going Global

Geocaching is becoming increasingly popular with individuals and families around the world. For the uninitiated, geocaching requires a handheld GPS, a sense of adventure and access to the Internet. You can find game locations around the world, and hunting for new items is certain to make any trip more exciting.


How Does It Work?

By logging onto a website dedicated to the game, such as, you can find coordinates that will take you to one of the millions of geocache spots around the world. Each of these spots has a container, also known as the geocache, that is filled with a random item. Players who find the geocache are supposed to sign the included log book. After this is done, players will either return the item into the container or replace it with another item that is of equal or greater value. It is also common to document your adventures online.

How does Geocaching Encourage Global Trips?

Once a family becomes interested in the game, they will quickly find themselves longing to expand their search options. Geocaching anywhere other than your local area can enhance the feeling of going on an adventure, and the items that are placed in safe boxes in other countries can seem very exotic. Although most people probably cannot afford to base a vacation to another country around a game, it definitely encourages players to explore areas that are off the beaten path when they do take a trip to a new area.

Is the Game Eco-Friendly?

Aside from the fact that a lot of people will drive a car in their pursuit of a new geocache, the game can encourage players to participate in an activity that is more eco-friendly than otherwise. Most caches are hidden in parks or wooded areas, and this forces players to spend time walking, hiking or riding a bike. These activities are both environmentally friendly and healthy by nature, and they can also teach young children about the simple joy of taking a walk through the woods.

If you want to increase the game’s Eco-friendliness, you should consider picking geocache locations that are close enough to your home or hotel room to reach via walking or riding a bike. Another perk of doing this is that you will have the opportunity to experience your surroundings in a new way. After all, most people spend the majority of their time in a vehicle, and this can make you miss some of the most interesting things along your route.

Getting Started

An online game site will feature an easy to search list of locations. Once you type in your local zip code, you can sort through the available options by difficulty level. It is best to start with targets that are marked for beginners so that you can learn more about the process of playing the game. Once you become accustomed to the game process, you can find a spot to then leave your own geocaches for other players to find.

By posting your geocaches on the website, you can track the progress of other players. Not only does this put a fun twist on the game, but your children are certain to enjoy helping you find new spots to hide items around the world.

A parent and adventurer, Ann Bailey contributes this introduction to geo game play for all fun-loving families.  The game site at has the rules, connections and helpful tips needed for family-play inspiration and direction, helping Geo-friendly travel get off to a good start.

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