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10 Frequent Flyer Tips You Need to Know

If you’re a frequent flyer, you probably don’t need frequent flyer tips like, it might be a good idea to chew gum on the plane or don’t forget your id. But there are a few frequent flyer tips that might not have occurred to you yet or may have slipped your mind since your freshman year of flying. Here are a few ideas that might help you make the most of your trip, stay comfortable, and save time and money too.

Ten Frequent Flyer Tips

1. Don’t Be THAT Person

If you’re a frequent flyer, act like it. If you hate it when someone steps up to the check-in counter and doesn’t have their id out or suddenly fails to realize that after several signs and verbal warnings booming from the intercom overhead that they weren’t allowed a bottle of water and keychain knife in their carry on bag, then please don’t be that person.

2. Pack For An Overnight Stay

Even if you’re only planning on your flight lasting an hour, you might want to pack as if you’re going on an overnight trip. This means taking things like your eyeglasses, a contact container full of solution (if you wear contacts), a little travel money, some food or snacks, a book or entertainment items, etc. This can be an especially pertinent aspect of your frequent flying, as you never know when you might be left stranded due to a union strike, bad weather, or terrorist act.

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3. A Carry On To Carry On

Packing efficiently enough to fit your travel items within a carry on bag (this doesn’t mean a jumbo duffel bag that fills an entire overhead bin) can save time, money, aggravation, the chance for lost bags, and won’t bog you down waiting at the baggage claim.

4. Carry On Assets

To reduce the chance that you might be left high and dry if your bags don’t make it to your destination, there are a few things you might want with you on the plane. Not only prescriptions or necessary toiletry items such as contacts and eye glasses may be important to have on your person, but work related items (especially for business travelers) can be must haves should bags be lost or misdirected.

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5. Lag Time Can Prove Valuable

Don’t look at time on an airplane as wasted, to be whiled away chit-chatting with the person next to you. You can use this time to your advantage as valuable work time or the chance to prepare for a presentation or upcoming meeting.

6. The Frequent Flier Rewards Currency

As a frequent flyer, you’ll want to get the most from your accumulated rewards. Unfortunately, similar to getting chips in a casino, your mind might not equate frequent flyer rewards with currency, which can cause you to make poor decisions when it comes to how you use them. Therefore, think of your rewards as cash — this may help you make wiser decisions.

7. Linking Rewards

Finding programs that overlap can help you add up rewards rapidly. Look for programs that allow you to rack up points for air travel, hotel stays, rental cars, and credit card use.

8. Think Before You Spend – Your Rewards That Is

By planning how and when you utilize your rewards, you may end up getting a bigger bang for your buck. By not wasting your rewards on impulse buys, planning ahead, searching for deals, and thinking before you spend, you may better optimize your accumulated rewards.

9. Snack Pack

So you find the airport food prices a tad ridiculous and now you’re on the plane and you’re hungry. Don’t feel bad, it happens. But does this mean you shell out for that $6 burger that tastes like the flight attendant has reheated it 12 times or try that troubling looking meat and cheese tray? Don’t do either. Come prepared with a snack of your choosing and that is easily accessible in your carry on bag. Pair that with a free in-flight drink and you’re good to go!

10. Low Fare Calendars

Frankly, it’s amazing that some airlines have come up with such a user-friendly innovation, but low fare calendars can make finding a cheaper flight much easier than the ‘hit or miss’ techniques of yore. No more plugging in random dates to see what pops up. With a low fare calendar, you can better find the deal that fits your budget best.

Not every frequent flyer tip will be helpful to everyone given the complexities of the programs. Each of us has our own unique style and preferences when it comes to when, where, why, and how we fly. Therefore, it’s important that you choose tips, or tidbits of tips that will help you make the most of your flying time and experience and that prove most conducive to making your trip an enjoyable one.

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