French Riviera During Cannes Film Festival 2012

Monte Carlo, French RivieraThe Cannes Film Festival

The spotlights are to be turned on one more time in Cannes and the indisputable star of the French Riviera is ready to glitter. The Cannes Shopping Festival will take place from 6 to 9 of April (, for days under the sign of fashion with fashion shows, night events, vintage clothing and accessorize exhibitions, champagne and special offers in the boutique cittadine (citizens).

Few weeks after will be checked the red carpet on the stairs of the Palais des Festivals: the moment of the Cannes Festival (, when, from 16 to 27 May, will be seen a parade of the cinema stars under the Croisette’s palms, the legendary Cannes promenade.

This year among the protagonist there is also Italy with Nanni Moretti as the president of the jury. After getting honoured Monica Vitti, Juliette Binoche and Faye Dunaway, the Festival official poster of this year is dedicated to Marilyn Monroe, the 5 of August will mark fifty years after her death.

Monte Carlo, French RivieraThere is the VIP tour: the Lérins Islands

The VIP loves serenity at The Lérins Islands, far away from photographers and paparazzi of the La Croisette. It takes only 15 minutes to disembark from the Port of Cannes to another world.

The Lérins Islands, in front of Croisette, present such a surprising oasis of greenery and history. The panoramic view of Fort Royal, used as a prison, extends across the highest part, visited by the legend Mashera di Ferro.


Monte Carlo, French RivieraA place at the Olympus for all

The Festival has already started to reveal its double spirit of glamour and popularity in the previous days: while in the big hotels is preparing the suite for divas and producers and Yachts are preparing in order to welcome VIP from the world of spectacle (at the web site Mediterranean Yacht Charter you could find some prices). On the both sides of the crush barrier, that follows a route of the stars, two steps from the Casino Barriere, creates bizarre camps. The whole families, curious about all kinds of things, get a position with stools, food and a leather bag in order to make secure the place in first line with a digital camera in hand, ready to acclaim the celebrity who passes in the limousine. This is exactly the magic of Cannes. It is important to be seen.

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