French Lick – Spa, Entertainment and the Vast Outdoors

French Lick, IdahoThe town of French Lick is located in Orange County, Idaho. This small town has been a popular tourist destination for many decades. The reason for this is the fact that near the town there are natural sulfur springs which have attracted visitors with their healing powers. Today the local spa centers are among the most reputable in the entire state and they still draw a large number of visitors. The town has got many other attractions aside from the natural springs. There you will find luxurious resorts and many other vacation rentals which will make your vacation convenient and enjoyable. From your vacation rental you will have easy access to the downtown area where you will find a plethora of shops, dining facilities, as well as many historical attractions. French Lick also boasts several great golf courses and many other sport facilities. And the great outdoors which surround the city also offer an abundance of recreational activities. The Hoosier National Forest is a beautiful and vast forested area with campsites, hiking trails and many other points of interest. There are other natural attractions which you will be able to explore around this destination as well.

French Lick is a town which has preserved a large portion of its historical heritage. There are guided tours available at this destinations which will show you the most highlighted attractions there. Among these attractions are two historic hotels, which over the years have had many world-famous guests. The hotels are open for public visits and there are guided tours along the most interesting spots within the hotels. The town is also home to some interesting museums, among which is the Indiana Railway Museum. This museum holds vintage locomotives and many other interesting artifacts from the railway industry of this state.

The resort complexes of French Lick offer the visitors a number of recreational activities. Among the popular facilities of this town and its resorts are the tennis courts and the golf courses. Both of these facilities are state of the art and they attract many visitors. Nevertheless the spa centers of the town are still the major tourist draw. The local spa treatments are very diverse and very effective. The famous springs of this town have been popular for a long time and up until today the spa tourism is extremely popular.

When you are visiting French Lick you will also have the chance to explore numerous quaint shops, trendy boutiques and other shopping venues. There are also many fine restaurants within this popular tourist destination. And the evening entertainments offered there are very diverse as well. In addition to all of these offerings there is also a casino which you can visit. With table games, slot machines and many other features the gaming at this casino is excellent. This town has offerings for the entire family. For the younger visitors there are petting zoos and farms with many games and entertainment programs. The Big Splash Adventure Indoor Water Park is also a major attraction for the young visitors. It is an exciting water theme park with many slides and other attractions.

The outdoor adventures which are available at French Lick are also quite a few. With numerous nature trails that pass through dense forests and other beautiful landscapes you will have plenty of exploring to do. There are also many horseback ride trails that are also available in the vicinity. There is also beautiful lake nearby which is excellent for fishing. All in all, you will be able to find a plethora of adventurous pursuits at this beautiful area.

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