Four Ways to Avoid Awful Family Road Trips

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Between tuning the car up, charging the electronics, securing the house sitter and remembering to cancel the newspaper subscription, going away for any length of time has it’s challenges. Planning a road trip with your children can be an even bigger challenge, because there are so many variables to consider. Having to keep so many things organized while you pack and get ready to leave can be overwhelming to say the least. Sometimes road trips can feel like they’ve gone wrong before they begin, but with some careful planning and consideration before you get going, you can avoid those awful family road trips altogether.

Plan Your Route As a Family

Sit down together as a family to discuss the plans for your road trip. Planning a route together is a very special way to include your children in the preliminary stages of a family adventure. Give your kids options about where to stop and what to visit. Children and teens will be far more engaged by the experiences that you encounter when they’ve been involved in them from the beginning, it’s easier for them when they know what to expect and what to look forward to.

Allow Plenty of Time

It’s hard to have a good time when you’re feeling rushed. If you’ve created an unrealistic trip plan for the amount of time you have, you’re far more likely to become agitated and impatient. When the driver is stressed or worried, it’s easy for the entire group to become withdrawn or sullen. Avoid this from the get-go by allowing yourself plenty of extra time for pit stops and wrong turns.

Depart with an Adventurous Spirit

Often times on road trips, things don’t go exactly as you plan them. Sometimes construction, road closures and traffic pattern changes can affect the route you wanted to take or the time in which you plan to take it. If you mentally prepare for the likelihood of delays, you can be ready for anything! Remember, your kids take a cue from you. Being in a happy, go-with-the-flow mood and the kids will be too.

Insure yourself

In the spirit of being ready for anything, always be sure to carry proper insurance for your family and your vehicle, as well as your belongings. Road trips mean a lot of time in a vehicle, and that means a lot of opportunities for danger on the road.  Without proper insurance coverage, your road trip could become truly awful by running up major charges from damage or theft. Protect yourself and your family by purchasing ample coverage.



  1. Thank you for this! I will use these tips for our next road trip. We have 2 sons who will fight the entire time, so this list will hopefully come in handy!

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