Four Tourism Sites in Lithuania

Lithuania has so much to offer to a tourist.  It is a small country, but do not let that stop you from traveling there as there is much to see and do.  Here are four top tourist sites that you will not want to miss if you take a trip to Lithuania.

The Baltic Sea

Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea coast is a must see for anyone who plans a trip to the beautiful Lithuania.  This coast is by far one of the prettiest that Europe has to offer. The sand is white and the sea is a beautiful green and the two really compliment each other quite well. There are many seaside resorts on the Baltic Sea Coast and people can be seen here wandering around in the summer, fall, and spring.  Popular resorts include Palanga, which is located in Western Lithuania.  There are sand dunes located here.  Legend has it that a Pagan shrine is located at the foot of the hill here where there lived Birute, a young, gorgeous priestess. The Grand Duke of Lithuania traveled to meet Birute, after hearing of how pretty she was, to marry her, but Birute refused, stating she would be a virgin forever. He captured her and took her as his wife, but he was later murdered, and she returned to Palanga.  It is said that she is buried there.


Trakai, Lithuania
Trakai is a historic city that one should not miss if visiting Lithuania.  It is a lake resort that is located west of the capital city of Lithuania. This city is known for having many different populations, such as Jews, Poles and Lithuanians.  While visiting this city, it should be noted to see Old Karaite Cemetery. This cemetery was founded in the 14th century and was closed in 1932.  One should also plan on seeing Trakai National Park, which was established in 1991.  The landscaping done here is both natural and built and include more than 32 lakes. There are a few excursions you may wish to take while you visit this park.  These include Manor Park and Varnik botanical and  zoological areas where people use to come to enjoy themselves.  Manor Park will include a guided tour of the business part of the palace that is located in Trakai.  Varnik botanical and zoological areas will usually mean a 2 hour excursion during which people admire  wildlife, plants and lichen species.

Aukstaitija National Park

Aukstaitija National Park

Aukstaitija National Park is located in the northeastern area of Lithuania.  Established in 1974, this park is the oldest national park there. Seventy percent of the park is covered by wood; some of the pine trees are even older than 200 years.  There are 64 species of plants located here, as well as 8 species of fungi and 48 species of birds. There are 126 lakes scattered over this park that is 405.7 square km. The park has about 2300 residents within the 116 villages located here. There are also 11 hillforts located here, as well as 45 burial sites.  Six watermills are located within the park, as well as many museums, including the most famous one, the Museum of Ancient Beekeeping.  Here visitors will have the opportunity to see the traditions of Lithuanian beekeeping and the history of it.


Utena, Lithuania

A fourth place that is highly recommended to see while traveling throughout Lithuania is one of the oldest cities, Utena.  This city is famous for its brewery, horse sports, and hospitality.  While in this city tourists may wish to see the Church of Christus Entering Heaven, which is a marvelous site to see.  The city is surrounded by lakes, forests, rivers and mounds. Old estates also adorn this town.  Every summer there is a trotter racing event that brings in many visitors from all over Lithuania, and this is very exciting to see.

Lithuania is full of great sites to visit.  It is a great destination to look at if you are planning a trip anytime soon.  Many fun and exciting opportunities are waiting for you there!


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