Four Reasons Why You Need to Visit England’s Lake District

There are several world-renowned beauty spots in the UK, but most people would agree that none of them can quite match the sheer majesty of the Lake District. This wonderful region is located in the north-west of England, and has been delighting visitors and inspiring artists for many centuries. If you have yet to visit this idyllic natural paradise, it’s high time you made the trip. Here are four good reasons why it should feature on everybody’s holiday itinerary.

The Lake District, England

The Scenery

There’s beauty, and there’s eye-catching, jaw-dropping, breath-taking beauty, and the Lake District will always fall into the latter category. You may have seen lakes and mountains before, but here Mother Nature has arranged a collection of them in such a picturesque manner, ensuring the visitor, whether on foot or in a car, enjoys a scenic backdrop at every turn. Put simply, this area is the most impressive in the country by far.

The Walking

A great many visitors come to the Lake District to enjoy nature on foot. Walking holidays are especially popular here, partly because no two walks will ever be the same. You can choose a different section of the area every day, and there is enough variety to ensure you can enjoy steep climbs or flat strolls whenever you wish. There is something to suit all tastes and all physical abilities here, so everyone can take in the air and the views.

Lake District Road

The Welcome

The local people are rightly proud of their surroundings, and are happy to show them off to any interested parties. If you visit any of the Lake District restaurants, shops or pubs, you can be sure of a warm welcome and a pleasant chat. The north-west of England is well known for being friendly to visitors, and in this particular region there is an even warmer reception waiting for you.

The Photo Opportunities

If you are lucky enough to be planning a trip to the Lake District in the not too distant future, you must make sure your camera is the first thing that you pack in your bag. There are magnificent photo opportunities waiting for you at every turn, and you will want to commit these images to posterity throughout your visit. The local area has its own micro-climate, so the weather can change the way a particular spot looks within an hour, so no two photographs are ever likely to look the same.


David Showell lives in southern England and is a regular visitor to the Lake District. He works for

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