Four Exciting Events for Your Trip to London

While the vast metropolis holds numerous attractions for all who visit, certain locations hold special events that make a London trip more memorable. These events allow guests to explore the city in greater depth and gain a more intimate insight into a variety of areas. Here are four of those events for your trip to London.

Historical Reenactments – Tower of London

Tower of LondonImage Source: Flickr

Throughout the year, guests visiting the Tower of London have the opportunity to step back in time and explore historical events while watching costumed performers reenact various moments. See prison guards torture spies, experience the War of the Roses conflict or join King Edward I as he receives news from Scotland. Visit the armory, see the Royal Crown Jewels and the many other exhibits at the tower that served many purposes over the centuries.

State Room and Garden Tours-Buckingham Palace

During the months of August and September, visitors have the rare opportunity to take a guided tour through the palace state rooms and into the vast expanse of the Royal Gardens. See the gilded ceilings, shimmering chandeliers and centuries of famous masterpieces in addition to the décor and furnishings of the lavish palace rooms. Venturing outdoors, guests explore the landscape that includes more than 350 species of flowering plants, more than 200 trees and a three-acre lake, in addition to a summer house, tennis courts, Garden cafe and shop.

The Vikings – The British Museum

From the beginning of March through June, guests of the museum have the chance to come face-to-face with the lifestyle of the Vikings who invaded, raided and settled on four continents. Presentations include everything from currency, jewelry, weaponry and religious objects to the prized 37-metre long warship that once belonged to one of the most wealthy rulers of the culture. The facility houses millions of artifacts showcased in eight separate galleries that span a time line from two million years ago to the present day.

London’s Dark History Experience

Hear about the dark side of London by traveling back to the 1800s with Discovery Tours. During this time, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created Sherlock Holmes, the Elephant Man was in the Royal Hospital and Jack the Ripper began a series of horrific crimes that would captivate the world for centuries to come. As darkness falls, walk the streets of London’s East Side and down the virtually unchanged cobble-stoned alleyways and thoroughfares where the historic serial murderer carried out dastardly deeds.

When establishing an itinerary of “must-see” locations throughout London, take the time to examine the possibility of attending special events held throughout the city. Let experienced and knowledgeable guides introduce you to this fascinating side of London.

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