Four Budget-Friendly Honeymoon Adventures

budget-friendly honeymoon

After the wedding you want to spend time with your new spouse. A honeymoon does not need to be expensive, after all the main attraction is next to you already. Here are four budget-friendly honeymoon ideas of things to do while enjoy one another’s company.

1. Ask For Gifts to Use for Your Budget-Friendly Honeymoon

Instead of opening up five packages of cutting boards and having eight different sets of sheets, why not ask for gift certificates for dining and lodging? Perhaps you have a relative who would like to lavish you with a grand getaway. But even if there is no benefactor to be found, you can create your own adventure. Imagine on your wedding night opening up cards together and receiving gift certificates to 10 different restaurants and 5 different places to stay. Linking all of those together on a mini road trip could create quite the civilized adventure.

2. Choose a Camping Honeymoon

If you are up for even more adventure, consider camping. Often people who camp encourage others to try the sport, and only old Uncle Scrooge wouldn’t help out a couple of newlyweds. If you don’t have your own gear, finding some to borrow will be a breeze. Then go and enjoy the breeze outdoors together. State and national parks often offer very cheap campsites, and s’mores make for a budget friendly, romantic dinner.

3. Borrow Someone’s Vacation Home

Perhaps you know someone who has a vacation home somewhere. Would they mind letting you use it for a few days? This could be a budget-friendly honeymoon way to enjoy some time in the woods or on the water. Also, there likely is a kitchen. Rather than eating every meal out, you can experience each other’s cooking by candlelight. (Just save the critiques for a few years).

4. Consider a Bed and Breakfast

Often you can find a bed and breakfast for less than the costs of a fancy hotel. By beginning each morning with a hearty breakfast, you can likely get by with a snack and only one other meal each day. By skipping lunch and eating an early dinner, you will not only save money but might even find some early bird specials or happy hours. Why not save some money while staying at a more intimate place? At your tenth anniversary you’ll remember the couple running a bed and breakfast more vividly than the big shower in a hotel.

Some of these ideas unconventional, but all of them promise to be an adventure. These can provide wonderful settings to focus on your new spouse and enjoy each other during your budget-friendly honeymoon. After all, that is why you went on a honeymoon, right?

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