4 Beautiful Italian Wedding Destinations

If you’re looking for the most beautiful location for your nuptials, look no further than Italy. These Italian wedding destinations are simply perfecto!

The coastal area between Napoli and Salerno offers a spoiled choice of breath taking and romantic locations. Many are the islands with crystal blue water, beautiful beaches and small colorful fairy tale towns. Among the many unforgettable landscapes, four are those I treasure from childhood summer memories when dreaming of a perfect and beautiful wedding in the full Italian tradition.

Italian Wedding Destinations


Amalfi Coast, Italy

Climbed up the coast, Amalfi is a colorful and picturesque location viewing the beautiful blue Tyrrhenian Sea. Everything of this landscape: the exotic gardens, the churches, the villas and the hotels and cafés, is full of charm. A perfect mix for a wonderful Italian wedding that will make you fall in love forever.

Amalfi, popular destination for British aristocrats at the beginning of last century, is now visited by horde of tourist every year and it is part of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Thanks to its lemon cultivation, Amalfi is famous for its Limoncello production; moreover it is home of the thick hand-made paper called “bambagina” exported all around the world. 

If you’re looking to see a wider range of Italy rather than just soaking up the sun in Amalfi, maybe consider this road trip from Naples to the Amalfi coast for even more sight-seeing!


Sorrento, Italy

Sorrento has in recent years become an increasing popular destination for weddings; couples come here from all around the world to celebrate their precious union.

Ceremonies can be organized outdoors on beautiful terraces facing the enchanting view of the gulf. Sorrento has been the preferred destinations for many artists, poets and writers during the centuries and nowadays it keeps attracting tourists from all over the globe.

The town is sprinkled of cafes, panoramic restaurants and shops; enjoy a walk under the sun up and down the narrow streets, strolling around open air markets.

Very close from here are the famous ruin of the astonishing Pompei and Herculaneum; all the islands are very close to reach by boat and many are the sites to visit along the coast.


Positano is a real romance with its colorful houses and beautiful terraces hanging on the steep coast from which to admire the Amalfi Coast panorama. This place has a lot of charm: beautiful beach and crystal water and vivid bougainvillea make a perfect framework for a gorgeous wedding that you and your guests will never forget.

The town is famous for its fashion, especially the female one. Beautiful dresses and long skirts that seem of another era and most importantly, the shoes manufacture: Positano is full of small shops for both tourists and locals to purchase sandals and shoes made at the moment with the client chosen design.

Italian wedding destinations include the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta with its dome decorated with majolica tiles and huge terraces overlooking the sea and the entire coast.


Capri Island Italy

Moving from the coast into the sea and the Islands, Capri, further away from Procida and Ischia, is another unique wedding environment, with its white houses excavated in the tuff, its small squares and medieval streets and the inevitable bright and colorful bougainvillea.

Inhabited by the Phoenicians, the Greek and the Romans, destination of pirates, this island store true magic in its rocks and landscapes.

Here is possible to find supreme hotels, superb restaurants and boutiques with a view to the famous breath taking Faraglioni.

Do you find yourself inspired after reading this post? I sure hope so! Of course, there are many other beautiful Italian wedding destinations, but these are just a handful of those I feel are most special, that you should consider. A wedding is the event (and trip!) of a lifetime. Congratulations, best wishes, and… bon voyage!

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