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Hardly anything is more miserable than the inevitable jet lag that occurs after arriving at your new destination. Hardly anything, that is, except getting a cold in a few days because you have been one busy bee flying from one continent to another. Fortunately, if you are armed with the correct information beforehand, there are definite things you can do to minimize tired travel-related illness. Read on to find out some of the absolute best protocols to follow when traveling extensively.

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Anyone who travels often will tell you that in addition to concern over international, travel-related sickness, there is also the dreaded fatigue sicknesses that can set in after your arrival back home. These often come in the form of a cold, sore throat, or other common malady. What can be done? The protocol for this one is simple: you must simply boost your immune system before the illness hits you.

* Kyolic Garlic–Take 600 u per day when feeling down; 300 u daily if well
*Vitamin C–Take 1000 mg every hour until you begin to have diarrhea. This is a sign that your body is saturated with the vitamin and needs no more overdosing.
*Echinacea–Drink several cups of tea made from Echinacea flowers daily to ward off sickness.

These three supplements have been well-known for their ability to stave off a cold when all immediate family members came down with it. You can also take a multi-vitamin supplement during your trip. Taking multi-vitamins while on a vacation or business trip keeps your body from becoming nutritionally starved, which in turn could lead to sickness. To keep yourself from getting local diseases, be sure you are up to date on the basic travel vaccinations, including but not limited to the tetanus shot, the H1N1 and related flu shots, and any others that are recommended on websites that are related to the country’s tourism industry. These will not only help you enjoy your time in the area, but they will also help prevent any late-onset diseases that might be in your bloodstream but have not surfaced yet.

Jet lag is perhaps one of the most frustrating of travel-related illnesses because if you are sick and are still experiencing jet lag, you are unable to sleep to ward off the other illnesses. There are several ways to prevent and get over jet lag. First, begin by acclimating your body’s internal clock to your future vacation’s clock by going to bed and rising earlier or later than normal. If you are flying east, you would get up and go to bed earlier, and visa versa for flights to the west. You can also drink plenty of water (2-3 liters per day). Once you have arrived to or from your destination, take a brisk walk. Instead of going to your hotel and sleeping, go out into the sunshine and fresh air and take it all in. Incidentally this is also an excellent way to get a head’s start on where to visit during your trip.

Healthy Food

You can also help overcome your jet lag by eating light meals in your new time zone until your body acclimates. Heavy foods, caffeine, and alcohol will only keep you awake when you should be sleeping and make your jet lag worse. Even if it does make your trip fun.

Nothing is more discouraging than arriving at a new destination and falling prey to your body’s confusion. With these simple tips you should be able to at least make short work of bodily afflictions that impede your progress during an extensive trip. They will help you to overcome the obstacles and have a jolly time.

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