Florida: Cultural Mecca Of The South?

Florida Cultural Mecca Of The South-1Florida has been a vacation destination almost since it became a state. The tropical weather, beautiful beaches, and various tourist attractions that developed over the years have made it a perfect vacation spot for people around the world. And among hundreds of thousands of young people, Florida has developed a reputation as the party state, bringing in huge annual influxes of cash. But what’s good for the state economy is not always good for some of these visitors, especially if they get caught drinking and driving.

Florida’s economy is based on tourism, with nearly 70 percent of all industries in Florida dedicated to some form of tourism. These include the tourist attractions, hotels, resorts, theme bars, restaurants, souvenir shops, and even the ticket vendors.

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Top Destination Spots In Florida

  • Central Florida/ Orlando. Central Florida is home to a majority of the amusement parks and tourist attractions in Florida. Disney World, Sea World, and Universal Studios are perhaps the most well recognized in the area, but are not the only ones in the area.
  • East Coast Beaches. Daytona Beach, Cocoa Beach, Ft. Lauderdale Beach, and South Beach are perhaps some of the most famous beaches in the world.
  • The Keys. The Florida Keys are a string of islands located in the southernmost part of the state. This area is more Caribbean in style and nature than the rest of Florida.
  • West Coast Beaches. The beautiful white “sugar” sands of the Gulf beaches draw thousands of visitors each year. St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and Tampa are very popular destinations.
  • The Emerald Coast. Located in the Panhandle of Florida, these Gulf Beaches are a very popular destination. They include Panama City Beach, Destin, and Pensacola.
  • The Everglades. A beautiful destination that still is reminiscent of the “old” Florida. See alligators in the wild, visit a Seminole Indian reservation, and visit one of the many small towns that don’t seem to have changed in 100 years.

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Partying In The Sunshine State

Every year, thousands of college students stampede into the state for Spring Break. They and thousands of other tourists, who visit throughout the rest of the year, make a bee-line for the beaches and the bars.

Florida officials realize that if they are not very strict on enforcing their DUI laws the whole state may be branded as an unsafe place to visit. With such a large portion of their economy based on tourism, they will do whatever it takes to remain a leading vacation destination.

If you are arrested for a DUI in Florida, do not assume that the ticket or charges can be ignored because you are from out-of-state. You may find the services of a Gainesville DUI attorney who is familiar with the state’s court system particularly helpful.

Florida Cultural Mecca Of The South-4Florida will notify your home state of your arrest and of the outcome of your court appearance. If you fail to appear in court, or if you are convicted, your home state will be notified and your sentence will be transferred there. This will not, however, eliminate your requirements to pay any costs associated with the arrest to Florida.

When you are visiting Florida, you should enjoy yourself and everything that this wonderful state has to offer. If you are going to drink, make sure that you make arrangements for transportation. Most of the major tourist areas have shuttle services, taxis, and public transportation available to the tourists. Many of these services are even provided for free by local attractions or resorts.


Sun-loving writer LaGeris Underwood Bell looks forward to her next visit to Florida. She encourages current visitors to have fun and be careful at the same time. In the event of a DUI arrest, finding a reputable Gainesville DUI attorney is the smartest next step they can take.

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