5 Top Travel Destinations of the United States

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The world is full of many fascinating places. For thousands of years man has tried to travel to new places just for the mere pleasure of seeing some fresh scenery. Since then, travel has improved immensely, and even you can feel free to explore the world. Here are five top travel destinations in the United States.

  • Niagara Falls. For centuries this massive, roaring waterfall has provided a source of wonderment and fascination to travelers from around the globe. During the early days of the North American frontier, pioneers would stop and stare at the sheer power of the white, thundering water. During the Civil War it was the last leg of the Underground Railroad’s journey to freedom, since to cross the falls meant to step foot over the Canadian Border. Today it remains one of the most popular travel destinations in the United States. Lookout points dot the sides of the mighty Niagara River, which turns into the roiling waterfall that it’s famous for. Water taxi boats give rides near the base of the falls. Hotels are situated along the edges of the attraction, boasting thrilling views of the natural wonder.
  • Walt Disney World Resort. Since Disneyland’s opening in 1955 in the middle of Anaheim, California’s previous Orange Groves, Disney magic has continued to touch the world. The second Disney Resort was opened in Florida shortly after Walt Disney’s death. Since then it has become the number one theme park in the world, drawing visitors from Hong Kong to Mississippi. Disney World boasts several adventure parks within one park, each displaying a different theme. The Resort is massive, and it can take weeks to see every inch of it. The climate of Florida makes it a perfect balmy retreat all year long, and nobody does theme parks better than Disney.
  • Washington D.C. The Founding Fathers accomplished many groundbreaking tasks in Philadelphia, but it is Washington D.C. that has become the epicenter of the world’s eye for politics and world events. The White House, Capitol, Jefferson Memorial, Washington Memorial, Lincoln Memorial and others draw visitors from around the globe. People are instinctively attracted to the birthplace of the first true Republic.
  • Hollywood, California. Hollywood is an almost non-existent, dreamlike place for most people in the world. While it’s safe to say that Hollywood is more of an idea or a way of life than an actual place, the headquarters for the movie-making industry of the world is extremely popular. People flock from the far reaches of every country to take pictures of the white Hollywood sign on the hill, to stick their hands in the cement prints of Gene Kelly and John Wayne and to browse the fascinating Walk of Fame.
  • The Grand Canyon. With its breathtaking scenery and incredible scientific and archeological merit, this wonder of the world is definitely worth seeing. The huge gorges carved into the crust of the earth are not only beautiful, but awe-inspiring. Make sure that you take your camera!

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