Five Superb Reasons to Holiday in France

One of the world’s most popular holiday destinations, France can truly offer something for every tourist. Whichever type of holiday you’re considering, the chances are the French can provide it to you. Here are five excellent reasons for making tracks to this stunning country.

Vineyards in France

Head to the beach

If you mention beach holidays to anyone who’s been to France, the chances are they’ll tell you about the wonderful Mediterranean resorts on the French Riviera. Locations such as Cannes, Nice, Antibes and Saint-Tropez have become synonymous with the rich and famous in recent decades, but if you prefer places which are a little less obvious, make sure you visit the Atlantic coastline instead. The beaches around La Rochelle, for example, are particularly beautiful, and they aren’t likely to be as crowded.

Drive around the countryside

France is one of the most picturesque countries on the planet, and for many people there is no better way to see it than from a rented car. Travelling around the rural landscape is the purest of pleasures, because there are so many areas that have changed little over the decades. Each village has its own unique characteristics, and of course the towns will be home to cultural landmarks that are a joy to explore.

Normandy, France

Take in a city

City break holidays are hugely popular nowadays, and the French capital is rightly revered among tourists as a must-visit destination. But if, like many millions of others, you have already been to Paris, why not consider an alternative destination? From Lille in the north to Marseille to the south, France has a number of fascinating cities which are just waiting to be discovered, so next time you consider a short break try one of them.

Glide down the slopes

Needless to say, holidays in France aren’t necessarily just about the summer season. The country has a number of popular ski resorts that attract thousands of visitors throughout the winter period. One of the best of them all, Val-d’Isère, is located in the Savoie department, and is only three miles or so from the Italian border. Morzine, in the east of the country, is also a popular town for summer visitors.

Tee off in style

France is home to a stunning selection of golf courses, and because of this it has become one of the favorite destinations for golfing holidays in recent years. Thanks to its location, France is easy to reach for British, German and Dutch golfers, and the courses themselves are generally of a very high standard. Venues such as Saint-Malo and Le Touquet have to be on every golfer’s must-visit list.


David Showell is from the UK. He likes France and plans to visit the country again soon.

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