Five Reasons to Go to St. Louis this Summer

With summer approaching, many families are looking forward to taking a getaway. The question becomes where to go and what to do once you get there. There are many places in the Midwest to visit, but few offer the thrills that can be found in St. Louis. Below are five reasons to make sure to visit St. Louis this summer.

St. Louis, Missouri

Grant’s Farm

Home to the famous Clydesdale horses used in many Budweiser commercials. Many people love to come and look at these majestic horses. Feel free to take a tram tour to see more wildlife on the farm, including antelope, deer and bison. Enjoy the beautiful farm that was once farmed by Ulysses Grant. The best part of enjoying Grant’s Farm is that admission to the farm, the tram ride around the farm, and even samples of beer are completely free.

The Jewel Box

The large 17-acre park, contains an Art Deco greenhouse that explodes into life in spring. While the Jewel Box stays open year round, the best time to visit is during spring when all not only the greenhouse is in bloom, but the surrounding forest springs to life as well. The greenhouse contains tropical trees, flowers, foliage plants, and water features to astound everyone.

Celebrity Restaurants

If you are looking for places to eat St Louis has a wide variety of options. Many homegrown celebrities have gone on to create a grand fabric of restaurants in the St. Louis region. In the mood for some good BBQ try Joe Buck’s Downtown, named after an announcer from Fox Sports. Looking for some good steaks? Mike Shannon’s Steaks and Seafood is here to help out. Shannon actually runs the restaurant with his family, except for when he is in the broadcast booth for the Cardinals.

Ted Drewes

Not only does St. Louis boast good restaurants, but is also the home of Ted Drewes frozen custard stand. It may not be the best restaurants St Louis has to offer, but it is the best St. Louis provides. There are many unique places in St. Louis for dining. Ted Drewes’ frozen custard stand hosts no chairs or tables but folks still flock for the delicious concoctions. Made from eggs, butterfat, honey and air these thick shakes do not spill even when held upside down, which is how they are served to you.

The Cardinals

The Cardinals are the very epitome of a St. Louis summer. Feel free to experience the thrill of dedication from Cardinals fans by catching a game. Check the team’s website to pick the game of your choice. Want more Cardinals action? Take a tour of the Busch Stadium, which opened the same year as the Cardinals won the World Series.

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