Five Fab Ideas for Working Away from Home

From university fees to youth unemployment figures, being a young person without a job in 2012 can be a pretty daunting prospect for youngsters and parents alike.

Although the present government is intent on ‘kick-starting’ the economy through promoting working in the UK there still seems to be slim pickings for anyone leaving school.

However, fear not, help is at hand. If you’ve got the right attitude, drive and enthusiasm then spreading your net a little wider than our green and pleasant shores is an option that never ceases to offer attractive and worthwhile experiences even in uncertain times such as these.

Check out the five ideas below that can provide cash, experience and future prospects upon an otherwise cloudy career horizon.

Holiday Rep

Now, before you start thinking of gratuitous groping in Greece or bawdy booze ups in the Balearics, think again. Although resorts such as Ibiza and Kavos do promise as much hedonism as your heart could desire, there are also numerous other options across Europe if you’re looking to work abroad. Campsites are always a good place to start and there is a wealth of companies that offer work abroad starting from as early as April and lasting all the way through to October. Of course, once the summer’s over then it’s winter season and those ski resorts won’t staff themselves. Note: ‘repping’ can be as bonkers or as sensible as you desire and if you’re having trouble finding work in the UK then a couple of years spent away from home can be the best of your life.

Teach English

This will be of particular interest for anyone wishing to visit Asia, as from Japan to Jakarta there’s a classroom out there with your name written on the white board. Of course, there are also plenty of options closer to home and cutting your teeth in a summer school in the UK can be an ideal way to prepare you for a trip overseas. A 6-month TEFL course is without doubt the best way to get to grips with teaching English, however don’t be put off at the prospect of presenting, teaching grammar and working with kids because these courses are designed to help you every step of the way. Note: some, but not all, English language schools abroad require a BA Hons degree regardless of having a TEFL certificate so make sure you research properly before you set off on your travels.

Rice Farming in Sierra Leone

Wwoof Farms

If you’ve never heard of project Wwoof before then now’s your chance. Basically, it’s a worldwide network of organic farms that are looking for volunteers to help pick, tend and mend in return for food, lodgings and the experience of working within a sustainable environment. Yes, you will be getting up early and getting your hands dirty, however you’ll also be learning skills for life, adding to your CV and seeing the world. With so much emphasis being placed on the cost of living these days what better way to discover that not everything comes shrink-wrapped and covered in pesticides and if you’re looking for time out of the rat race then welcome to Wwoofing!

Camp America

Do you remember the old days when Camp America was pretty much the only option if you wanted to work abroad? Well, guess what, it’s still going and has been teaching, empowering and helping young people since 1969. From camp counsellors to support staff there’s a role out there for you and if you’ve ever fancied earning some cash before taking in the wide open spaces of the USA then there aren’t many better opportunities. Of course, you won’t be earning a huge amount and bear in mind you actually have to pay over £500 before you even start, however the chance to gain experience and learn numerous skills in a very well-run and professional environment has to be better than sitting on the couch watching Hollyoaks.

Volunteer in Ghana

Volunteer Work

Working away from home doesn’t have to be all about the cash, and taking on volunteer work abroad can be one of the most rewarding things that you ever do. There are literally thousands of projects, schools and communities looking for volunteers who are prepared to devote their time to helping out in all manner of ways. When you volunteer abroad you’ll not only have the chance to help change other people’s lives you’ll also find plenty of opportunities to explore, develop new skills and learn about different cultures. From truly immersing yourself within a community to making new and like-minded friends for life, whatever you’re into, volunteer work is an excellent addition to any CV.

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