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Find Your Inner Ghost in Savannah

Would you like to find a ghost in Savannah, Georgia? As one of the most haunted cities in America, Savannah is a top spot for both ghost enthusiasts and tourists alike. Savannah was one of the major cities in the south during the Civil War. It saw a lot of action during the war but managed to survive. Thankfully, it escaped the march of destruction by General Sherman to leave many historic buildings and homes standing which house many of the long-forgotten residents and casualties of the war to this day. It is a fact that Savannah was literally built on the dead. The cemeteries were originally built on the edge of the settlement. When the colony began to grow, the cemeteries were absorbed and homes and buildings were built on top of them. Some of the dead were moved, but some were not. Some, on the other hand, just turn up here and there! This is major reason why much of Savannah is rich with ghostly activity.

Spanish moss drapes oak trees around the fountain in Forsyth Park, Savannah, Georgia

Because Savannah is one of the top 10 most haunted cities in the United States, you will find that there is no shortage of ghost tours to take. You will find everything from a tour that takes you through a haunted hotel in midtown Savannah, to tours that take you through haunted cemeteries. Here is some helpful information on the top ghost tours in the Savannah area.

Looking for a Ghost in Savannah?

A “Ghosts Of Savannah” Tour

This is one of the more popular tours of Savannah because it was created with over 20 years’ worth of historical research, ghost encounters, paranormal investigations, spiritualism, quantum field theory and more. All of these together make for an exciting tour that is sure to please any ghost enthusiasts.

Blue Orb Ghost Tours

These ghost tours are one of Savannah’s newer paranormal attractions. The tours are founded by Tobias McGriff who is a historian, publisher and paranormal investigator. He knows firsthand what makes for a great tour, from years of his own research along with consulting other tour companies, media outlets and paranormal research groups. Most of the tours take you through the beautiful historic district of Savannah.

Ghost in Savannah Tour – Experience Savannah’s Dark Side

This ghost tour takes you on a trip through the old colonial area of the historic district of Savannah. You will learn all about haunted houses, local legends and even home exorcisms performed throughout the city. With this tour you will find out why Savannah is rich with superstition and one of the most haunted cities.

Haunted Pub Tour of Savannah

Your guide on this tour will lead you through the streets of Savannah to visit some of the many haunted pubs. You will enter these pubs in search of spirits in more than one form. This tour is full of all types of spirited fun and is guaranteed not to disappoint.

If you are looking for some ghostly fun, look no further than Savannah, GA. The city is rich with spirits and tours to guide you on an adventure of a lifetime. From a haunted hotel in midtown Savannah to the haunted inns and pubs throughout the area, you will surely find your inner ghost before your visit is over.

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