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Four Fun and Family Friendly Attractions in Las Vegas

When people think of Las Vegas, they think of Sin City–a place where they can go to get wild like what happened in the movie, The Hangover. If you think that a vacation there is only meant for adults,  you thought wrong. There are some pretty awesome places that the whole family can enjoy together. Here are some Vegas attractions that will appeal to parents and children alike.


If you are searching for thrills, Adventuredome is the place to be! This indoor theme park spans five hectares and is encased in pink glass. There are 25 rides and attractions for just about any age. If your kids share your adventurous spirit, the scream-inducing Canyon Buster will take them hurtling through not only a double-loop, but also a double-corkscrew roller coaster–the only indoor one in the world–at speeds of 55 mph. If you want to try what hanging upside feels like, go ahead and try the Inverter for a mind-blowing experience. If your family wants something more action-packed, zap your friends with friendly laser fire in the arena of Laser Blast. Opening and closing time at Adventuredome varies but it usually closes later on Fridays and Saturdays. Just check the site for the schedule so you can maximize your time there.

Kids Quest

If you need some alone time–with your hubby or wife–away from your little ones so you can enjoy some Las Vegas entertainment, Kids Quest is the perfect place to leave your children if they are between 6 weeks to 12 years old. This entertainment center for kids is filled with many fun activities, including play areas. You don’t have to worry as this child care company–which operates on an hourly basis–provides a safe and fun environment for your little ones. Whether it’s some quiet time in the reading area, or some active exercise in the climbing maze that will challenge kids to climb from floor-to-ceiling, this entertainment center also has game kiosks and arcades that will give them maximum fun.


If Adventuredome is the indoor theme park, Skyzone is the indoor trampoline park, which gives the phrase “bounce against the walls” a whole new meaning with its continuous sea of trampolines. The interconnecting trampolines look like one extremely huge trampoline surface, where you can bounce as much as you want and even attempt your very first back flip. The gymnasium also features a toddler-only trampoline room for your little ones. Most people would book only an hour for jumping fun as it is already enough time to tire you and your kids out. A must try is the 3D play experience where you can enjoy high-flying, if you’re not afraid of heights. In a competitive mood? You can try the 3-D dodgeball. SkyRobics fitness classes is also a great way to work out if you want to keep fit during your vacation.

Tournament of Kings

If your children are fans of stories like King Arthur and the knights of the round table, then they are sure to enjoy the dinner show at Excalibur Hotel. The tournament of kings will make them experience exciting medieval times–the kings, maidens, fire, fireworks, horses, jousting and sword fights. Yes, there are real horses and you get to cheer on your favorite knight, too! Aside from the scrumptious food, there are many other activities that will entertain the whole family.

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