Exploring The World of NYC Cuisine

New York City could easily be considered the melting pot of the United States. With so many culinary influences from all over the world, combined with top culinary schools, as well as a high demand for quality dining, New York City has some of the best restaurants in the world.

1.  Delmonico’s Restaurant – A true New York City establishment, this steakhouse has been in operation since 1837. It is located in the heart of NYC’s financial district, and offers such signature dishes as: the Delmonico Steak, the Baked Alaska cake, and the Lobster Newberg. Excellent service coupled with its historical location and dark, lush interior make this the place for a special meal in NYC.

2.  Bombay Talkie – This Indian establishment combines many elements – classic Indian street food with a sleek, modern interior decorated with Bollywood-inspired canvasses and global-fusion music. There are many inventive cocktails to try which sample classic Indian flavors like saffron, lychee, and pomegranate.

3. il Buco – With so much Italian heritage, it is hard to decide on the top Italian restaurant of NYC. But il Buco consistently gets top reviews, and Gourmet magazine calls this restaurant “one of the best and most exciting in America”. To be fair, the menus is not entirely Italian – it combines Italian with Spanish as well as adding an eclectic flair. An added bonus is that much of the menu is made with locally sourced ingredients and local wines. The interior is warm and inviting with a rustic feel. This restaurant simply cannot be missed!

Il Buco

4. Per Se – With an emphasis placed on preparation, presentation, and hospitality, this restaurant is guaranteed to make a lasting impression for a special night. Combining a variety of cuisines, each night is different, with two unique nine-course tasting menus created by the head chef. The specialization here is small meals that make you want more, but then immediately satisfy you by presenting you with something different and yet equally delicious. This place was listed No. 10 in Restaurant Magazines “Top Restaurants of the World”.

5. GILT – An appropriately named restaurant as the interior is designed opulently. An entire team of waiters will serve you, enthusiastically describing the attributes of each dish. Located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, the menu is described as “New American”. With GILT’s exceptional experience of decor, cuisine and service, this restaurant is one you do not want to miss.


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