Exploring Henderson Waves Pedestrian Bridge in Singapore

The Henderson Waves Bridge is the longest pedestrian bridge in all of Singapore. It measures 274 meters (899 feet) long and is 36 meters (118 feet) above the Henderson Road, a six-lane freeway running through the south coast of the island state. Considered as the largest of its kind in Asia, it connects Mount Faber Park and Telok Blangah Hill Park.

Henderson Waves Bridge in Singapore

Aside from being the longest pedestrian bridge in the country, another thing that makes the Henderson Waves Bridge distinct is that it has a wave-form structure that is made up of 7 curved steel that rise over and fall under its deck. Its decking slats are made of yellow balau wood, an all-weather timber that is found in Southeast Asia. It is lit by natural light during the day and with LED lamps at night.

Constructing the Bridge

This man-made structure is made up of 7 spans, six of it measures 3.5 meters high and 24 meters long with a larger one measuring 6 meters high and 57 meters long. Its upside rise above deck level and allows for contemporary activities such as lounging and sight-seeing. Those that are below the deck-however, are not accessible and were merely made for the purpose of continuing the structure.

The concept of the design of the Henderson Waves Bridge was based on a folded three-dimensional surface-form that was created by means of simple mathematics. The architect who spearheaded the project used math techniques in order create such a simple yet rigorous form that bends and undulates in one movement.

Henderson Waves Pedestrian Bridge

Steep and leather makes up the surface of this beautiful structure. The arches and catenaries of the bridge are primarily made of steel, reinforced concrete pylons. These pylons, the tallest reaching a height of 38 meters, sit in the area between the waves.

The centerpiece of the entire project is 1,500 square meter timber deck that sits atop the steel structure. It possesses complex and curved portions of the balau tropical hardwood, forming a tapestry of 5,000 modular boards, many of which tapered to measure. Combining vibration dampeners, steel, and timber for the entire deck proved to be a challenging task. The architect used precise numerical descriptions and dimensional coordinates for its construction.

Visitors on the Bridge

During the day, tourists can enjoy the stunning harbor views as they stand on the staggering 12-storey high bridge. Beyond the bridge, they can enjoy the soothing sights and sounds on the forest walk and earth trails. At night, they can bask in the breathtaking night view of the city, as the wave-forms give off an illuminative glow from 7 in the evening to 2 in the morning every day.

After the construction of the Henderson Waves Bridge, it was inaugurated by the Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Hsein Loong on the 10th of May 2008. With a total cost of S$25.5 million, this beautiful piece of infrastructure is one of the three link ways that was built the Urban Development Authority in the Southern Ridges.

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