Archeological Sites to Visit in Peru

Adventure and going to must-see sights all across every country is every individual’s dream waiting to come true. One of the most patronized travels nowadays is the adventure in the land of Peru.

Peru is a country in western part of South America and bordered by Ecuador and Colombia, on the east by Brazil, on the southwest by Bolivia, on the south by Chile and on the west by the vast and largest ocean, the Pacific Ocean. Peru is known and has engraved its popularity in the minds of every tourist because of the Machu Picchu but there are still much beautiful places and things that will enlighten us and waiting to be discovered in Peru. Machu Picchu is only one of the many ancient sites in Peru over the thousand years of human history in America. The following archeological spots are ancient sites in Peru which will broaden your amazement and travel experience to the place.

Kuelap Fortress

Kuelap Fortress

First is Kuelap Fortress. Kuelap Fortress is found near Chachapoyas, Northern Peru. It is over a kilometer long and at 3000 meters above sea-level. The place was created towards the end of AD 900 and it was almost a miracle to finish it in over several hundred of years. Kuelap Fortress was considered as the perfect model on the sophisticated and might characteristic of the people of the pre-Inca Chahapoyas civilization. It has once become the symbol of power of the domination in the Utcubamba Valley. The site contains the remains of some 400 structures and some of these structures are reconstructed and most are left as they are for the tourists to come across their splendor and beauty. The access to the area is tricky but through Peru tours operators, it will come in an easy way. You can visit this place in affordable entrance fee of $3. You can have your amazing Kuelap Fortress experience in just that price.

Chan Chan

Chan Chan, Peru

Second is the Chan Chan in Trujillo, Northern Peru. It was constructed between AD 800 and 900 by the Chimu civilization and was lived by tens of thousands of dwellers in the mid-15t century. The place is an ancient city and was declared as a world heritage that is thought to be the largest ancient city in America. The ancient city has been well preserved because of its arid environment which is only at risks and threatened by occasional El Niño tornados. The remaining structures consist of ceremonial buildings, graves and tombs, religious structures and dwellings. Access to Chan Chan is easy from the city and transport hub of Trujillo and guided tours can be arranged with an entrance fee of $3.50.


Caral, Peru

Third is Caral found near Barranca which is in north of Lima. The place which is a monumental desert city of Caral is considered as the oldest city of America. The area was developed during the civilizations of the old world. The site was rediscovered during the mid-20th century but has remained unknown due to the lack of retrievable artifacts. Tours to Caral can be arranged from Lima or by any international Peru tours and has and entrance fee of $3.


Tucume, Peru

Fourth is Tucume which could be found near Chiclayo in northern Peru. The site was inhabited from around AD 800 by the Sican people followed by the Chimu civilization and the Incas people in the mid-15th century. The site was also locally known as “Purgatory”. Up to this day, many superstitious individuals and natives refuse to visit the site because of certain gossips and beliefs. Access is easy from the town of Chiclayo with an entrance fee of $2.

Batan Grande

Batan Grande

Fifth and the last one is the Batan Grande which is also near Chiclayo, noethern Peru. It was established by Sican people and the source of ancient Peru’s golden artifacts from around AD 800. The site is now converted as a national park which includes the stretch of the Pomac forest. A good museum can also be found in order to provide the tourists fascinating insights into the ancient life of the region. Access to the site could also be made at Chiclayo with an entrance fee of $3.

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