Experience Exotic Myanmar

Myanmar, the land of golden pagodas is a charming and magnetic country of South East Asia. Myanmar is one of the most preferred tourist destinations today and is flocked by people throughout the year for it exotic beauty. Apart from that the country is well connected with other countries like Bangladesh, Thailand and China. Myanmar has diverse culture and rich heritage. Myanmar was previously known as Burma and its present capital is Yangon.

Inle Lake in Myanmar

Inle Lake in Myanmar

The people of Myanmar preach Buddhism but people have developed a secular idea and this has helped Myanmar develop its own heritage. The language spoken is Burmese. Myanmar has rich deposits of natural resources which are not exploited yet. If you are planning a trip, you will not have to worry about the budget as travelling to Myanmar is not expensive. The large number of tourist that visits every year is due to the scenic beauty that you would find in every corner of the country.

Must Visit Places in Myanmar

The most visited destinations are the Shwedagon or golden pagoda, Inle Lake, Bagan, Mt Popa, Kassapa, Kakusandha, Thanbode temple, Pindaya caves, and Ngapali beach. At Ngapali beach you can watch the beautiful sunset surrounded by a lush green tropical ambience. You will get to experience everything in Myanmar including lush green virgin forests, beaches, century old pagodas and mountains.

Sittwe, Myanmar

Gastronomical Delights

Food is an important part of your trip. Myanmar will offer you some of the best cuisines. You will find cuisines from different parts of the world. Most of the people  are vegetarians and you will find amazing and homely vegetarian food there. The food is available at affordable rates. You will also get non vegetarian food, especially sea food. The people are very warm and they will make your stay pleasant. You will find non vegetarian food in all the hotels and they will be cooked according to the preference of the visitors.

Travel Myanmar with a Tour Operator

If you are planning a trip to Myanmar make sure that you hire assistance from a local tour operator. They will give you complete knowledge about the significance and the importance of the different places. They will also help you in staying the best hotel and guide you about restaurants from where you must have your food. The tour operator will also make the travel plan and make all the car bookings as per your needs.

You can search on the internet for the best tour operators in Myanmar.  You will find numerous tour operators who will provide you the best at affordable price. Make sure that you opt for an operator who will give you what you want within your budget. If you take service from an tour operator you will surely enjoy your vacation to Myanmar and also it will be the most memorable trips of your life. Myanmar appears different in different seasons and you will feel like visiting the country again and again.

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