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Benidorm, Spain

Hotel Resorts in Benidorm

I recently took a holiday to Benidorm to experience all the beaches and water activities, and I used an online travel agent to help me find the best accommodations. Are you planning a couple’s getaway or a family-themed holiday? You’ll be able to search through hundreds of resorts of both types and read recent reviews of travelers, highlighting their favorite amenities.

For a luxurious resort, try the 4-star Melia Benidorm Hotel, which features 526 first-class guest rooms and suites. In addition, you’ll only be 600 meters away from Levante Beach, and the resort includes two lagoon-style swimming pools onsite.

If you’re travelling with the entire family, research the Ambassador Playa II, located right near Levante Beach and local cafes and shops. The resort appeals to both active couples and families because it offers several hotel amenities, such as two outdoor swimming pools, game tables for table tennis and pool, and live entertainment in the evenings.

Benidorm Beaches

Levante Beach is often referred to as one of the most popular beaches in Europe. The calming waters runs 2 km long and is surrounded by a white sand beach.  The beach offers a variety of amenities, including cable-ski lessons from April to October, other water and beachfront sports, thousands of sun loungers, as well as a beach promenade complete with shops, restaurants, and bars.

Poniente Beach is longer at 3 km but it’s also quieter than Levante Beach. It features a number of shaded areas for reading and relaxing and even a Beach Library. However, I still found  12 areas to engage in water and recreational sports, as well as several floating platforms. This beach is also handicapped accessible.

Benidorm Water Sports

As I traveled around Benidorm, I was amazed by the beautiful seafront and white sand beaches. So is there a better way to fully experience it than to try some of the water sports the area is known for?

  • Sailing:  I rented a sailboat from the marina so that I could explore the calming waters of the bay of Benidorm and begin my travel abroad. The marina makes this easy as you can board and disembark right there, as well as refuel your boat as needed.
  • Water Skiing and Wakeboarding:  From April to October, Cable-Ski Benidorm offers lessons at Levante Beach. Water skiing is done on two skis and is similar to skiing on two skis on snow in the winter. As my skills improved, I was able to attempt mono-skiing, skiing only on one ski in the water. Wakeboarding is similar to snowboarding, another winter sport. My instructors showed me the basics, as well as taught me some tricks like railey so I was able to experience the complete thrill of it.
  • Kayaking:  I also went sea kayaking while on my holiday.  The excursion began at Benidorm Port, and during the two-hour excursion, I explored all of Benidorm Bay, and even paddled all the way to Benidorm Island. Kayaking is a good water sport to do while traveling abroad in Benidorm because all tourists from children to adults can easily learn, and you get to explore part of the sea most visitors do not see.
  • Scuba Diving:  Now that that scuba diving is easy to learn, I also went on a scuba diving excursion, where I could explore the beauty and color of the Mediterranean waters. Benidorm’s seafront includes white sandy beaches, cave formations, and colorful fish.

There are three different scuba diving routes you can venture through.  I chose to go on the second route to Punta Garbi, and the dive vessel boat heads South. Once we arrived at our destination, we attached the boat to a buoy and headed to a rock vessel that will offer a vertical drop below after we jumped. Once we were in the sea and swimming around, I could see numerous colorful fish, including some eel and octopus swimming around.


The travel site travelrepublic.co.uk really made booking my trip easier, from searching for the best accommodations, to researching water excursions. Have you recently taken a holiday to anywhere? How about a vacation in Portugal, particularly, Benidorm? If you did, then what were your favorite water sports? Please share your experiences with us.


Ariana Louis has been using her savings to travel the world. So far, her favorite destination has been Asia because of its diverse culture. She loves learning new things from all the different kinds of people she meets, which makes travelling most interesting because she loves listening to the locals’ stories. She is not afraid to try new adventures on holidays as it adds to the experience. Ariana now writes reviews for travelrepublic.co.uk.

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