Exciting Places to Go in Edinburgh

If you are planning a trip to the largest city in Scotland, whether it be for business or for pleasure, then here are some fun things to see and do while there.

Invest in an Edinburgh Pass

Those who are planning on spending at least a few days in the Scottish capital should seriously consider investing in an Edinburgh pass. This handy little pass will get you into some of the best attractions in the city, for nothing! Not only that, but it comes with a guidebook and handy travel information about getting around while you’re there too, including free travel tickets! If you want to see everything that Edinburgh has to see, on a budget, then make sure you get a pass before forking out for everything individually!

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

Of course, no trip to the Scottish capital is going to be complete without visiting the main attraction; the castle! Situated in the ‘Old Town’ this stunning piece of architecture is still in fantastic condition, even though it has been standing for over 1,000 years! You can just admire it from the outside, or have a look at the treasure trove inside too. This royal fortress is located at one of the highest points in the city, which means you will be able to see all across Edinburgh; what a wonderful view!

Edinburgh Festivals

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

If you are lucky enough to be visiting during festival season, then you are in for a treat. Edinburgh is known to hold some of the most incredible festivals, the most famous being the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The Fringe takes place all around the edge of the city and is now known as one of the largest arts festivals in the World! There is a real emphasis on comedy, as well as music and drama. You’ll find something to take your fancy, if you are planning a trip to Scotland while it is on. There is also the Edinburgh Military Tattoo which takes place every year and is much more traditionally Scottish than the Fringe. Tickets for this sell out well in advance though, so it is best to book early.

Traditional Folk Music

Pub in Edinburgh by 3oheme on Flickr

If all of the sightseeing has got you thirsty, then why not visit one of the many traditional pubs in Edinburgh? While you’re there you may be lucky enough to come across one of the many traditional folk music bands that fill the pubs and inns up during the evenings and weekends. Sip your favorite beverage and enjoy the music and laughter as dozens of locals take it in turns to have a ‘wee dance’ around the tables. You’ll find a whole load of pubs and inns like this whilst in the Old Town or neighboring Leith.

Edinburgh is a truly beautiful place that is proud of its history and heritage. Whatever your reason for visiting it is worth checking out at least one of these activities for a real ‘Scottish experience’!

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