Enjoying Your Camping Vacation in Style

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Going on a camping vacation should be enjoyable, loads of fun and a memorable time. The best way to do that is to prepare the trip a head of time and follow a few simple rules. There are several great spots to go camping like in national parks and beautiful state parks. Each state has some type of camping ground available for its residents. The best place to start the search is through friends and family and then online.

Camping Vacation

Some of the most popular places to go camping are in Utah, California, Nevada, Virginia, Massachusetts, and Arizona. Utah has several locations like Canyon lands, Capital Reef, ; California has Channel Island, Mojave national reserve, Yosemite,; VA has Shenandoah National park, Mass. has Cape cod; AZ has lake Powell, and the list goes on. The best place will be a place that offers the amenities that you require and is small or large enough for your preference.

What to Bring for Camping

There are basic things that one should bring on a camping trip; swags or tents, tent pegs, shower tent, sun shelter, hammock, camp bed, mat, air bed, air pump, camping chairs, tables, portable hot water heater, blanket, cupboard, mallet, lantern, matches, lighter, shovel and a saw. A camper should also have toiletries for each individual, a flashlight, first aid, sewing kit, citronella candles, phone, charger, stove, fridge, cutlery, can opener, can/bottle opener, cups, pots pans, cleaning supplies, food, water, oil, clothing, rainwear, shoes, boots, insect repellant, sun hat, sunglasses, GPS and road map.

Packing Tips

When packing the camping supplies make sure that the driving area is free of clutter and that all things are stored in bins that are labeled clearly. The bins should be filled with items that are similar in nature, so everything is easy to find. Once everything is packed secure it down with a net or harness. Everyone should have a list made up with everything they need or want packed and then narrow down the list to necessities and one or two desires.

When preparing for a camping trip be prepared for any and everything. Food should be simple and easy to prepare, safety guidelines should be in place, know the emergency guidelines for the camping area. Know beforehand the type of plants and greenery that is common in the camping ground. Know the road conditions, and weather conditions for everyday that you will be on the camping trip. Arrive to the camp site hours before the sun sets.

Activities to do While Camping

Many parks have other activities that campers can do like hiking, boating/rowing, trails, sightseeing, skiing, snowboarding, bike riding, horseback riding, geological formations and museums to visit. There are also waterfalls, valleys, and bridges to visit and take in the sights. Camping does not have to be boring or without fun, it can be a blast if you plan activities and prepare yourself for all outcomes, and enjoy yourself. Camping can be an adventure if you bring the right tools and consider everyone’s feelings and preferences.

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