Enjoy Canada: Best Places to Visit for a Perfect Holiday

A big disadvantage for Canada is that it is located so close to the US and the US is the undisputed champion of advertising. But when you set the ads aside and just start visiting with no preconceptions you will be just as surprised as I was to find that Canada has some extraordinarily beautiful places to visit. In my opinion, Canada actually has the perfect blend of civilized facilities and raw, untouched nature. I got to see both beautiful buildings from the colonial age but also had the chance to see and also some of the most amazing natural scenes in the world.

Beautiful Lake in Canada

5 Great Vacations in Canada

Little Manitou Lake, Saskatchewan

So I will actually start with the most surreal experience I have ever had visiting Little Manitou Lake in Saskatchewan. This is a lake with a salinity content that rivals the Dead Sea in Israel. And I had read about the beneficial effects of this kind of rich, mineralized water, but nothing could have prepared me for the moment I got in the water and it basically lifted me to the surface. In case you did not know this about Little Manitou Lake or the Dead Sea, the water here is so rich in salt that when you wade in, it will lift you to the surface; you don’t even have to know how to swim.


Still, there are people who only feel comfortable when they are in the midst of civilization and, although that is not me, I often enjoy visiting Montreal simply because they have it has a little bit of everything. It may not have the Rio Carnival, but it does have worthy events of their own such as Montreal International Fireworks Competition, Montreal Jazz Festival, The Montreal Fashion and Design Festival. It has the best lobster burrito anywhere, and certainly the best museum in the country such as Redpath Museum, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, McCord Museum, Montreal Biosphere, and The Canadian Centre for Architecture Museum.

Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island is my favorite secret getaway of the all. It has everything from swimming and fishing by the sea to some of the best trails for hiking, and in the winter I always go there to ski. It is what you might call pristine tourist territory because island officials are really trying to ramp it up as a tourist attraction but they haven’t made it quite yet. And they’re making progress, but in the meantime, and that means I still get everything you would expect from one of the a huge tourist attraction, but without the overwhelming crowds. There is excellent RV camping resorts in Vancouver Island, especially in Tofino. A few most popular resorts are Crystal Cove, Long Beach, Best Western, Cox Bay etc.

Quebec City

Quebec is the closest you will ever get to a medieval city without leaving the continent. Of course, it is a bit of a stretch to call it medieval but it is the only city in the North American continent that was fortified, which means it has those giant stone walls that you generally see when visiting old German cities. It has several museums and beautiful churches and it is the second biggest Francophone city after Paris, so it is bound to have something exciting for every visitor.

Niagara Region

And I left this for last because anyone thinking about Canada will undoubtedly think of the Niagara Falls on his or her own. But, just because there is more to the Niagara region than the falls, I decided to include it here because, if you’re ever in the neighborhood, you should set an evening aside to visit some of the most exquisite wineries this side of the pond.

Also Angels Gate Winery, Black Prince Winery, Blue Mountain Vineyard and Cellars are a good place to see in Canada & taste Canada’s finest wines.


Donna Conklin, a travel & adventure enthusiast from Victoria, Vancouver wrote this article from her true experience of visiting all the above places she mentioned. She tried to make travel map called “most exciting places in Canada” & the places she mentioned here were on top.


  1. I do agree with you Canada is beautiful country, I visited Niagara Falls last year. Amazing falling views of Horseshoe waterfall from table rock and Maid of the Mist boat ride was best experience for us. Over all Niagara falls is a perfect tourist destination.

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