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5 Best Winter Hikes in Colorado

Winter hiking can be just as beautiful as other season hiking. In fact, there are cases where winter hiking is actually more beautiful than hiking during other seasons, especially after a recent snowfall, the frost on the trees is astonishingly beautiful. Here we present some options for the best winter hikes in Colorado.

Before you book your trip, make sure you have the cold-weather gear you need. Here is a great post about winter hiking essentials, most of which you will want for your trip. Any time you hike, you should be prepared with the right equipment, plenty of water, and emergency supplies. In winter, it’s even more important to be prepared against the elements.

But once you’ve got everything ready, you’ll find that Colorado offers some of the most exhilarating hikes in the world!

Best Winter Hikes in Colorado

The Best Winter Hikes in Colorado

1. Byers Peak Wilderness

Overall, this hiking trip will take the average person two or three days to complete. The main attraction of the Byers Peak Wilderness is the alpine tundra. Along with the alpine tundra, you also have several scenic lakes that you will see along the way.

Byers Peak Wilderness also borders along two other major wildernesses, meaning what you will get from hiking here is priceless. The area offers some of the most beautiful scenery in the country where seasoned hikers will enjoy the challenging terrain and absolute solitude.

Enjoy A Winter Hiking Trip In Colorado

2. St. Vrain Glaciers Indian Peaks Wilderness

What you will find at St. Vrain is plenty of snow! What people love about coming to St. Vrain is that you also have beautifully chiseled peaks, and overall, this trip will take you 18 miles there and back again. When you are winter hiking, it is important to ensure you are properly prepared and well-equipped not just for the terrain but for the weather conditions also.  Pack plenty of warm clothes, food, water, a GPS system and cell phone.

3. Deadhorse Creek Loop Arapaho National Forest

Deadhorse Creek offers some of the best winter hiking in Colorado. You would also never guess that it is right next to a major ski resort. The atmosphere of this location feels very solitary. Another advantage of Deadhorse Creek Loop Arapaho National Forest is that you will be right next to Denver, Colorado.

4. Navajo State Park

Navajo State Park is a superb location to go winter hiking. The main attraction at Navajo State Park is Lake Navajo which covers over 15,000 acres. When you are hiking, you will be hiking around this magnificent lake and taking in the lake’s beauty and tranquility  You will be hiking on the Navajo lake trail, where aside from hiking, you can also go fishing.

The Stanley Hotel in Colorado

5. The Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel is located in Estes Park, Colorado. The rocky mountain view is worth a million dollars, and you will more than likely leave the hotel with one or two ghost stories since this beautiful work of art hotel is reputed to be haunted. It has also been visited by its fair share of celebrities over the years.

Famous guests have included:

  • Steven King
  • Jim Carrey
  • Theodore Roosevelt
  • John Philip Sousa

But they also have great hiking nearby. In fact, the hotel offers a hiking package that will have you eating lunch on the continental divide!

After all of that hiking, your muscles may want a relaxing treat! Here are three hot springs to visit in Steamboat Springs that may be just what you need after a long day on your feet!

Taking a winter hiking trip in Colorado is something that is guaranteed to be unique. Not only will you will enjoy hiking, but you will see some of the most beautiful snow-covered mountains in the world. There is something truly rewarding about going hiking in the winter. And because the culture of Colorado is so outdoors-y, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors!

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about the best winter hikes in Colorado!

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    Martha Daniels
    September 5, 2022 at 11:49 am

    Don’t want to go hiking in the snow, but the Stanley Hotel certainly looks inviting!!

    • Reply
      Susan Petracco
      September 5, 2022 at 12:49 pm

      I’m guessing you’ve never watched The Shining. I don’t think I’d have the nerve to stay there!

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