Eight Reasons to Add Johannesburg to Your Round the World Trip

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Johannesberg, with an advantageous geographic position has recently become a sought-after tourist destination. Owing to its location, it serves as a transit point and connects Cape Town, Mozambique, Durban, Namibia, Victoria Falls and the Okavango Delta; it is thus, the city that one has to pass through.  There was a point in time, when it was more of a business center and less of a tourist attraction. But with time and factors falling into place, it does seem to have picked up. Johannesburg tops the list of must-visits on the Round-the-World trips.

And here are the best eight reasons why:

1. Historical Museums: Johannesberg has recently been accumulating its potential as a tourist destination. A large number of museums have been constructed as interesting history sites. Apartheid Museum, Hector Pieterson Museum and Mandela Museum are the most famous ones.

2. Constitution Hill: What was once a prison is now the Constitutional Court. If you are interested in history, this site will interest you. It houses the tragic and tormenting experiences suffered by its black political prisoners in a mini-museum constructed in the interest of the tourists. It also has details about Gandhi’s years spent here.

Nike Carlton Centrephoto: therightwinger

3. The Carlton Centre: Situated in the south-eastern area of the CBD, there is an observation dock on the 50th sweeping vistas of the beautiful city of Johannesburg. It is the highest office building in Africa, and brings a memorable experience, when on top.

4. Gold Reef City: This is a theme park, offering a depiction of the life of miners at the end of the nineteenth century, and includes an underground mine tour. You can also check out its amusement park and the popular Tribal Dance show that goes on in the place.

5. Soweto: If you want to take a break from the city and leap into the city’s past, Soweto is the place to be in. It still has the earlier shacks and you might come across street-side barbers and also captures the flourishing pattern of this suburb. With a homely feel to it, Soweto has excellent bars for a friendly chat or a relaxed evening.

6. Art museums: If you are acquainted with the revolutionary past of the city, you will also be aware of its literary produce. The Market Theatre Complex has becomes the center for modern South African playwriting, after having staged fiery anti-apartheid plays in the past. The Johannesburg Civic Theatre is vivacious with the regular live performances held in this place.

7. Rugby and football: There is nothing better than watching a game of rugby in the Ellis Park or football at Soccer City or Orlando Pirates. Be assured to enjoy a thrilling game with the players always high on energy.

8. Shopping: The most-awaited part of a trip is shopping. Johannesberg has a large avenue of shopping complexes like Sandton City or Nelson Mandela Square, and also famous flea markets like the Oriental Plaza or the Rosebank Flea Market.You can end your trip with a visit to the Cradle of Humankind, home to the bones of 2000,000 years old ancestors.

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