Eight Must See Sites to Visit when Traveling to Berlin

Berlin, the capital of Germany, has always been one of the top tourist destinations for travelers across the globe. With its rich historical past, Germany is certainly one of the most resilient cities. Today, Berlin is popular for its diverse mix of cultures, dotted with historical destinations that are silent witnesses to Germany’s history.

Being one of the top visited cities in Europe, here’s a list of the top 8 must see sites to visit when traveling to Berlin.

Things to Do in Berlin

Funkturm Berlin

Funkturm Berlin

Standing 450 feet, Funkturm-an old radio tower gives a view of Berlin in an instant. The city is wide enough to be explored in one day itinerary, and by simply taking advantage of Funkturm Berlin, people can already see what is there to explore. From the observation deck, tourists can check out the western side of Berlin and take note of the next destination once landed again. It is located next to the trade-fair grounds.

Museum Island

Located in the Spree River is the home to different collections of history of Germany. It is composed of buildings including the National Gallery, Old Museum, Pergamon Museum and the Bode Museum. Located in Abode Museum are must-see pictures and sculptures, Pergamon has the largest collections of coins and medals while arts of Late Ancient and Byzantine’s religious iconography, early-Christian relics are also kept inside the National Gallery.

Branderburg Gate

Branderburg Tor (Gate)

It is a prestigious landmark in Berlin being a symbol of a city divided during Cold War. It has a significant meaning to the Germany’s rebirth and was restored as a monument of peace in 1791. It was damaged by World War II and was restored only in year 2000. To the left side of the gate are relics of the WWII, which indicates where the Berlin Wall used to stand before.

Holocaust Memorial

Located in the heart of Berlin is the reminder of the country’s tragic history, the Memorial to the Murdered Jews in Europe. Designed by an American Architect Peter Eisenman, it this landmark is made of 2,711 gravestone-like slabs, with four large rooms underneath the monument containing the exhibits of major Nazi atrocities.

Berlin Zoo

Situated in the southern end of Tiergarten, Zoologischer Garten Berlin is Germany’s oldest and esteemed zoo. It is a home to thousands of species, and its famous resident is Bao Bao, a giant panda.

Reichstag Building

Construction started in 1882 and was completed 12 years later. Initially it was house to the German Parliament called Reichstag, was damaged by war in 1945 and by arson in 1993, and then reconstructed in 1999. Being located at Platz der Republik near to the Tiergarten, Reichstag is a must-visit place as part of exploration of Germany history.

Kaufhaus des Westens or KaDeWe

Located at the Tauentzienstrasse, KaDeWe is the largest and most luxurious department store in mainland Europe. Having been built in 1907, it is a witness to the traumatic history that Germany survived from.

Berlin Cathedral

Berliner Dom

Also known as Berlin Cathedral is the largest church in Germany. Its construction was completed in 1905, was damaged during wars and reconstructed in the 1970s and was reopened for public in 1993. Originally, it has baroque-style façade showing the Italian Renaissance influence but was remodeled and designed with more modernistic approach as what is seen today.

Inside this cathedral are old decorated interior designs where the magnificent Sauer’s Organ, the 1530’s Elector’s tomb, stained glass windows, neo-baroque pulpit, old paintings and exhibits of the architects and people engaged in the construction of this remarkable landmark in Berlin.

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