Eating Out in New York City

Where do you start? New York has everything from the hot dog man selling dogs and relish on the sidewalk to the most sophisticated of restaurants. The food of every nationality is plentiful in New York but for the purpose of this exercise it will be only possible to mention a few.

Hot Dog Vendor in NYC

Chinatown and Little Italy illustrate exactly what cuisine is on offer in those districts so let’s look elsewhere in this article.

There is actually a restaurant week in New York each year when special offers exist at both lunch time and in the evening.  Americans like their steaks, the bigger the better and several places cater for that demand. Why not try A.J.Maxwell’s near Times Square? You will be in the heart of Manhattan near Broadway and other nightlife.

The Mediterranean is well served in New York. Italian restaurants abound throughout the City but there is also Portuguese and Basque, Greek and French. Fleur de Sel and Bar Breton in Fifth Avenue have the same owner and offer a range of French cuisine. Ammos Estiatorio in Vandebilt Avenue serves a comprehensive Greek menu; Alfama in Hudson Streets is Portuguese.

Asian cuisine is widely available; Indian, Vietnamese, Thai and Japanese offer an alternative to the Chinese fare that spreads way beyond Chinatown.

New York is known for its fast food as well; the burger with the trimmings seems available on every corner. This is a huge city with demand from residents and tourists alike all year round.

21 Club in New York City

Tourists in New York for a special occasion may want the best. “21” (The 21 Club) on West 52nd Street should be considered for American cuisine, as should the Gotham Bar and Grill on East 12th Street  whose chef has spent nearly thirty years in the restaurant and won awards along the way.

Other people come to New York on a tight budget but there are alternatives to the sidewalk hotdog, places that are inexpensive but highly recommended.

99 Miles to Philly gets its name from the distance to the home of the famous cheese steak. On lower East and 3rd, Philadelphians can get a taste of home, and tourists can give them a try. Alternatively there is Les Halles in Park Avenue for tourists and workers intermingle. It it’s popular with the locals that is a good testimonial.

Approximately 30% of the top grossing restaurants in the USA are in New York so the City can claim number one status in the food industry in the States. If you want to visit one of them, they include two already mentioned, “21” and Gotham Bar and Grill. If you want to meet the rich and famous and your pocket can handle it, try the Four Seasons on East 52nd.

The more popular restaurants will certainly be busy and a reservation will be essential to avoid disappointment. However such are the number and variety of the restaurants in New York that there will always be somewhere nice to eat, including in the hotels which pride themselves on their kitchens.


This article was written by Steven, a travel blogger for, providers of over 350 New york vacation rental apartments and holiday apartments in Brooklyn.

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