Eating Out In New York City

A true melting pot of cultures, New York City hosts hundreds of different world cuisines at its thousands of restaurants. From the lowest little food truck to the highest haute cuisine French starred restaurant with a celebrity chef and celebrity clientele, the city is a dream for foodies who arrive with high expectations.

And it is in New York that food trends are first tested, so there is always a fresh concept to try. For instance, Shake Shack. The humble burger joint becomes a citadel for hamburger lovers at Shake Shack. Lines are long and fans are obsessively devoted thanks to its custom prepared burgers and luscious milk shakes that harken back to when burgers where inches thick and made from good quality ground beef.


Image by missmeng via Flickr

For another food trend, look to the success of EATALY. This Italian food emporium, co-owned by celebrity chef Mario Batali and celebrity chef Lydia Bastianich and her son Joseph, has taken New York and visitors by storm with its vast array of Italian foods, huge floor space, savvy restaurants and rooftop beer garden. Take at least an hour to visit. You’ll want to stop for a cappuccino, to sip a sample from the chocolate fountain, nibble on gourmet Italian pastries, and to shop for rare olive oils and freshly baked breads and pasta.

Main Hall of Buddakan, NYC

Image by walker cleavelands via Flickr

The concept of a restaurant as a destination in and of itself is evident in the huge whimsical restaurant called Buddakan. Located in a large warehouse decorated part medieval castle theme, part hip lounge, Buddakan delivers consistently with fabulous Asian food that has earned itself a huge reputation.

But what about non-trendy restaurants, for ethnic and homey food? Head down to Little Italy and Chinatown. Both are filled with restaurants serving traditional fare to delight even the most jaded diner. Pellegrino’s has traditional dishes in a family oriented atmosphere while La Mela further down Mulberry Street is a carnival of fun and gigantic portions that will soon make you a fan. Also, if you head for Little India in the 20’s on the East side of Manhattan, you will be able to walk into almost any restaurant at lunch time for an amazing array of enticing buffet dishes as good as any in the city.

Upscale restaurants shine in New York City. If you’ve got an over the top budget, try Per Se for its hushed service, white linens, views of Central Park and amazingly delicate French inspired cuisine. It is considered one of the finest restaurants in the city.

New Yorkers’ love to eat on the run so there are outlets everywhere to feed this compulsion. This is one of the reasons why food trucks and kiosks are so popular and so reliably good for delicious food. Each vies for the attention of a huge population constantly on the move. Be brave and try them. From burritos to breakfast to cupcakes to falafel to bagels with a “smear”, New York’s food trucks have entered the establishment as a favored place to stop and dine for New Yorkers and visitors alike.

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