Eat, Pray, Play: A Spiritual Guide to Travel

People take vacations for various reasons: to relax, to relieve stress, for family fun, etc. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life is one of the top reasons to take a vacation, and today there is a growing trend of traveling for spiritual reflection. Whether you’re religious or not, traveling for the purposes of meditation can relieve stress and possibly give you a new perspective on life. Here some great destinations that will help you tap into your sub-consciousness and find happiness.

Experience the Mountains

Experience the Mountains

Image via Flickr by Alaskan Dude

The quiet and serene experience of the mountains is a great place to get in touch with yourself. The juxtaposition of the larger-than-life landscape and majestic scenery will really make an impression on you and make you feel one with nature.

Here are some locations where you can have a spiritual experience in the mountains:

  • Tiwanaku, Bolivia — Originally home to a pre-Incan society, this city is now a place famous for New Age thought and lifestyles. The Aymara Indian’s New Year is also a popular time for spiritual travelers.
  • Mt. Shasta, California — Travelers can experience this spiritual power point that is particularly beautiful during the summertime.
  • Sedona, Arizona — The quiet desert landscape is a great escape from bustling cities and crowded airports. Some people have even attributed Sedona’s unique vortexes to powerful spiritual energy that they say inhabits the land.

View the Water

View the Water

Image via Flickr by Mr G’s Travels

Whether you’re looking at cruises or want to visit a quaint coastal town, vacationing on or near the water is a great way to relax and get in touch with yourself. Water has a soothing and calming effect on the body, so traveling on or near the water will put you in the right mindset for a spiritual experience.

Check out these locations near the water for your spiritual travel:

  • Ulpotha, Sri Lanka — A religious pilgrimage site for many years, this city has some of the world’s best spas and yoga facilities.
  • Rishikesh, India — This city is located along the banks of the holy river Ganges and offers yoga lovers gorgeous backdrops to practice their craft.
  • The Greek Islands — History lovers rejoice! The Greek Islands offer vacationers a chance to explore locations thousands of years old. Retracing the footsteps of ancient civilizations is a great way to channel the energy of those who came before.

Brave Uncommon Terrain

Brave Uncommon Terrain

Image via Flickr by _leilund

Nothing sets you up for spiritual travel better than visiting places that are unique on the earth. For instance, deserts are the only place where you’ll find certain plant life and vegetation, whereas the arctic is home to giant glaciers and sprawling icy landscapes. Visiting these extremes may help you to better appreciate balance in your life both in terms of physical locations and sub-consciously.

Try visiting these uncommon places for your spiritual travel:

  • Negev, Israel — Rich in Jewish culture, Negrev is a spiritual place that is a reminder of ancestors’ spiritual courage and faith.
  • Artic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska — The harsh tundra climate will challenge the mind and the spirit.
  • Daintree National Park, Australia — This area features a mishmash of both rainforest and beach landscapes that give even the most seasoned travelers a variety of things to see and do.

Tour Historic Cities and Sites

Tour Historic Cities and Sites

Image via Flickr by DB’s Travels

When you visit religious sites or areas where there is a lot of historic culture, you are in a prime position for a spiritual experience.

Travel to these historic places for a spiritual experience:

  • Kairouan, Tunisia — This is the fourth holiest city in Islam after Mecca, making it an obvious stop for spiritual travel.
  • Chartres Cathedral, France — A magnificent cathedral where people have been worshipping for years.
  • The Blue Mosque, Istanbul — This is a great place to pray because of the six minarets. They are said to poke holes in the sky so your prayers can reach God easier. Whether you believe in its backstory or not, its beauty is undeniable.

This is just a small sampling of the places you can visit during your spiritual traveling. Almost any place can provide a spiritual experience, though, if you put yourself in the right mindset and embrace the power of positivity.

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