Easter Break Holiday Ideas

The traditional Christian holiday of Easter is considered to be a time when family and friends alike gather around the table to feast for a night. Though it is a Christian holiday, people of many different faiths actually celebrate it in modern times. Easter dinner generally consists of a host of different foods served to guests during the holiday. It is also important to note that Easter naturally coincides with the spring school Easter break holidays, which makes the holiday a suitable time to take a family holiday. Take the time to have a nice holiday at one of several different warm weather locations.

History of Easter

For Christians, Easter signifies the resurrection of Christ, recorded two days after his death sometime between the years 26 and 36 AD on Good Friday — an important date in biblical history. The dinner has always served as a symbolic way to have all loved ones join together in peace and unity. Beyond this, it has become a commercialized holiday, symbolizing the Easter Bunny. In fact, it has become a combination of dinner that includes gift giving and an Easter egg hunt throughout the world, especially in North America.

Significance of Dinner

As previously stated, Easter is often celebrated as a time where extended families join together in order to eat and share a meal in one area. Often, family members will travel all over the country and world just to feast with their loved ones for Easter. This is also considered to be an indulgence for individuals who chose to give up certain chocolates or foods for Lent, as it allows them to consume the kinds of foods they might have given up for weeks.

Easter Dinner typically occurs on Easter Sunday, which is the Sunday immediately following Good Friday. The exact date will change every year depending on the calendar, however. It normally occurs directly after the Easter service at the church.

Easter Dinner

Not everybody chooses to participate in a dinner gathering, or they may want to indulge in a holiday. The following is a list of holiday ideas that can serve a traveller during Easter break.


Toss out tradition and enjoy a holiday in the Caribbean. This is arguably one of the most relaxing destinations possible, and it includes islands such as Jamaica, Aruba and the Bahamas. Spending Easter break traversing the sandy beaches of the Caribbean gives travellers a change to get a head start on their summer tan. Additionally, the Caribbean offers a chance to engage in a variety of water sports, including swimming, Ski-Dooing, surfing and scuba diving. Spend the Easter break in a resort complete with luxury accommodations, fine dining and entertainment in a single all-inclusive location.

New York City

No matter the holiday, New York City is always an excellent holiday choice. Though it might not feature the oldest Easter parade like its neighbours in Atlantic City does, it does have its own impressive version of the parade. Navigating through Fifth Avenue presents a host of different bonnets, costumes and general Sunday bests all for the sake of Easter. The parade does not mark the end of the festivities either; Central Park presents the Eggstravaganza!, which features an egg hunt, an egg race and an actual visit from Peter Cottontail.

People Gathering for the Brooklyn Heights Easter Egg Hunt


For a true dive into the religious nature of the holiday of Easter, visit Israel and its cities Calvary, Nazareth and Bethlehem. Reflect on the holiday roots, paying homage to the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, visiting the areas where he prayed, worked and lived. This is the ultimate holiday destination for any Christian, especially for Easter.


  1. our family also would take holidays during easter as it would be easier to get kids off from school while traveling we visited all sorts of places but iam sad i havent visited new yorks easter parade sounds like it would be awsome, thx for putting up this post its really helped me.

  2. We used to do the same thing – but now it seems most schools have spring break away from Easter!

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