Dream Destinations to Fill Your University Vacations

After studying like crazy for the past few months, you deserve a good extended vacation. In order to help you decide where to go, we have compiled a list of the top dream destinations to fill your university vacation time. We are, of course, aware that many students are on a tight budget and need to find the maximum amount of party for the minimum amount of cash, so our destinations are ranked according to how well they do in both of those categories. Here is the short list.

• South Padre Island, Texas
• Margarita Island, Venezuela
• Ios, Greece
• Amsterdam, Netherlands

South Padre Island, Texas

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This tiny Spring Break destination has been growing in popularity among students in recent years. Not only is it exotic and fun, but also is exceptionally close to home. South Padre Island boasts some of the best beach parties, the hottest nightlife, and the most exciting water activities of any vacation spot in the world. It is also an inexpensive place to vacation and caters to university students from across the United States, which rounds it soundly off as one of our top dream vacation destinations.


Margarita Island, Venezuela

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Whether you prefer mountains, beaches, or sunny island culture, Margarita Island has it all. By day, vacationers can participate in scuba diving, horseback adventures, snorkelling trips, or just laze around on the beach. By night there is an abundance of discos, clubs, and bars with practically every kind of music imaginable. Margarita Island boasts a marvellous exchange rate that highly favours anyone with US dollars.

Ios, Greece

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Ios is one of those places that you simply have to visit before growing up. The party never stops in Ios, and there is a rich nightlife with clubs chock full of Grecian beauties of all genders. Ios gets plenty of sun all year round and has many beautiful beaches where you can perfect your tan. If culture is your thing, Ios also boasts many impressive archaeological sites where you can enrich your mind. Greek cuisine is exquisite and a good enough reason by itself to visit this bustling dream vacation destination.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Everything goes in Amsterdam, and the city has some of the most legendary nightlife that other countries only whisper about behind closed doors. Besides Amsterdam’s well-known alternative partying culture, it also has a wealth of lesser-known but just as amazing daytime attractions. Much of the city is crisscrossed by canals, lakes, and waterways that are fun to just visit or even jump into if you can muster up the courage. The Netherlands also has more museums than practically any other country, and you would be selling yourself short if you didn’t stop in and visit at least a few of these.

These dream destinations are some of the most beautiful cities in the entire world, but you have to see them to believe it. With amazing architecture and gorgeous bodies of water, there is something in every place that will leave your jaw floored. In many of these places, beer is also cheaper than coffee.


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