Dolphins – Mystical Creatures Roaming Our Seas

Dolphins are incredibly sophisticated creatures – and creatures that we would all like to see. They can be found all around the world and are as curious about us as we are about them. Whether you are lucky enough to see them while surfing or join a cruise to view or feed these beautiful creatures, playing with dolphins is a one-of-a-kind experience.


Here are some interesting facts you may want to learn.

Dolphin Characteristics – Although many people are unaware of this, dolphins have exceptionally good eyesight when they are out of the water. This is why they often raise their heads out of the water when boats approach. Another fact that a lot of people may not know is the fact that dolphins need to come to the surface in order to breathe. However, they can stay under the water for up to 15 minutes at a time.

Another interesting fact is that dolphins never sleep. Instead, they “shut down”, allowing them to rest without fully falling unconscious so they can protect themselves in the case of danger. To communicate, dolphins use echolocation; they do this by performing a series of clicks.

Dolphin Feeding Habits – Dolphins mainly survive on a diet of fish and other small sea creatures. Although this is true, they are not really designed to be hunters as such.

Dolphin Behavior – It is well known that dolphins are highly sociable creatures. They live in groups, and they work together when it comes to things like feeding and looking after their young. They are also highly intelligent creatures, known for being one of the most intelligent animals on the planet.

Tangalooma Resort

If you want to get up close to dolphins, then a great idea is to take a trip to a resort or beach that will offer you the opportunity to feed them. There are several different places in and around Australia that offer activities with dolphins, such as dolphin feeding. Some of these include Tin Can Bay, Monkey Mia Beach, Truly Australia and Moreton Island.

One of the most popular places that offer opportunities like this is Tangalooma Island Resort, situated on Moreton Island. One of the great things about this particular wild dolphin resort is the fact that they follow strict guidelines in order to ensure that dolphins maintain the same behavior that they would in the wild, while also allowing you to offer them a delicious piece of fish with your own two hands!

If you enjoy wildlife and you would like the opportunity to feed dolphins yourself, then there are plenty of opportunities in and around Queensland and Australia for you to take a look at. Dolphins are spectacular, but you can never appreciate them truly until you meet them.

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