Discover Menorca, the Caribbean of the Mediterranean

Menorca is often called the Caribbean of the Mediterranean due to its spectacular white sand beaches, sparkling azure waters and world-class diving areas. Literally known as the minor island, Menorca is one-fifth the size of its larger cousin, Majorca, but it has just as many attractions. Menorca is the northern most of four major landmasses that comprise the Balearic Islands. Like many islands in the Caribbean, Menorca has a unique European culture. The island also has a rich history influenced by ancient Greece, France, Spain and Great Britain.

The scenic isle of Menorca has a small permanent population of 90,000, but one million tourists visit the island every year. That is a fraction of the eight million people who crowd the neighbouring island of Majorca. The peak season is from May to October when the temperatures are warm and the dry season is in full swing. Many tourists prefer travelling to Menorca during the off-season when temperatures are slightly lower and conditions are slightly wetter. During the off-season, tourists also have access to a larger selection of competitively priced villas.

Young Lady Relaxing on a Menorcan BeachLike the Caribbean, Menorca is a destination of exceptional natural beauty. Menorca’s 135-mile coastline features rocky sea cliffs punctuated with more than 75 white sand beaches and sheltered coves. The island is a mere 10 miles wide and roughly 30 miles long. The newly reopened Cami de Cavalls winds around the island serving up spectacular views of the coast and rugged countryside. Constructed during the middle ages, the Cami de Cavalls can be enjoyed by foot or on horseback.

In addition to its diverse colonial and Mediterranean architecture, Menorca is home to a variety of ruins and Stonehenge-like megaliths that are evidence of prehistoric civilizations. One extraordinary archaeological site is a primitive pyramid-shaped burial chamber constructed circa 1,500 B.C. near the city of Ciutadella. The scenic Cova d’en Xoroi, a cave complex located high above the Cala en Porter, is one of the island’s most beautiful attractions. Located within towering seaside cliffs, this unusual cave complex is home to a happening nightclub and a café with some of the best views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Offshore, visitors can enjoy sailing and diving. Menorca is a Mecca for snorkelling and scuba diving. In the clear, warm Mediterranean waters, visibility is up to 100 feet. Diving conditions in this ecologically diverse destination rival those of any island in the Caribbean. Menorca is also much closer than the Caribbean for holidaymakers arriving from all points across Europe. Because Menorca is a part of Spain, entry requirements are simple for citizens of the EU, the European Economic Area and the UK. Visitors from most non-EU countries are free to stay in Menorca for 90 days without applying for a visa. The Menorca Airport is located near the capital city of Mahón. The terminal has 16 gates and is served by 48 airlines, including many that offer direct flights from major European cities.

Group of Divers, a Frequently Seen Site in MenorcaThanks to its geographical traits, holidaymakers are never more than a few minutes from dozens of beautiful beaches. Nearly all Menorca villas are located tantalizingly close to the sea. By renting Menorca villas, guests can reserve a private piece of this Mediterranean paradise. The location, history, views, beaches and natural surroundings make Menorca an ideal location for sun lovers, history fanatics, artists, divers and people who want to experience a Caribbean-style vacation in the heart of the Mediterranean. Menorca also has plenty of shopping areas, boutiques, cafés, nightclubs and golf courses for those seeking attractions that are traditionally found throughout the Caribbean and on neighbouring Majorca.


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