Digital Tourism: The New Way to Find Travel Deals

Digital Travel
According to a 2012 Destination Marketing Association International research study, destination management organisations or online travel sites are investing more money in digital marketing, with numbers reaching more than $39 million over the last few years on perfecting website design. It paid off because around 30 % of tourism sales both European and American holidays occur online.

In addition to sales, travel sites are utilizing social media sites to advertise their specials. This saves them money from sending out mass mailings, as all of their Facebook and Twitter subscribers will automatically receive updates. It may make some curious enough to research taking a holiday further.

Tourism in the digital age has become competitive because online travel sites have to speculate what the average consumer wants and make sure their site provides that dream holiday. Allowing customers to search online will help them narrow their choices. Do they want to stay at a charming English guesthouse and sip tea, or relax on the island of Majorca in Spain.

What Does an Online Travel Site Offer

Travel sites can meet all of these needs. They allow you to search for your next destination by location or preferred hotel, as well as punch in your available dates and room preferences. These sites allow you to build your own custom holiday by searching through thousands of offers of discounted flights and cheaper hotels and apartments.  While perusing different sites, check out hotels and beach resorts, and read through the latest reviews from over 200,000 travelers. You can pick up a few tips and tricks about the different places.

Travel sites feature deals to some of their favorite top destinations for travelers who enjoy the outdoors. If you like the beach and other outdoor excursions, a hot destination right now is Algarve, Portugal or the island of Majorca in Spain. See if these sites have hotels that are either 4-star or 5-star. How about an Olympic-sized pool or how about sun beds in a solarium or a miniature golf course? Do they have facilities for water sports? What’s your preference? Check your preferences against what your choice hotels have.

Other Deals For You

Besides cheap hotels and flights, travel sites also offer discounted specials for on-site and off-site airport parking at major UK airports. Parking on-site at Manchester begins at £15 a day, while off-site parking at Glasgow starts at £8.

Alternatively, when you arrive at your destination, you could take advantage of deals on both airport transfers and car rentals. For example, there are shuttles including some in Cancun for only £3 or some private taxis or mini-buses, such as £19 for a four-seater taxi.  You could also get discounts on car rentals at over 7,000 locations around the world. Currently, you’ll find a manual compact 2-door car in Spain staring at £52 and an automatic 4-door car in the United States beginning at £229.

What about a tour around your destination? Travel sites may also offer discounted excursion tickets without any added booking fees. You’ll find some of the most popular destinations from 2013, such as the Pirates Dinner Show in Majorca, Spain starting at £42 or a Jeep Safari Road Trip in Turkey. We also include excursions in the United States, such as the Mega Deal 2, allowing travelers access to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios for two weeks. Packages begin at  £328 for children and £357 for adults.

Social Media

Millions of customers a year book their holidays through online travel sites. If they have it, they also advertise deals through their social media platforms so they can reach a wider variety of customers. Have you used a travel website to book a holiday to travel abroad? What was your experience with the site? And would you recommend it, too to your friends? Share your experiences with us.


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