Cyprus: The Island for All Seasons

A country divided by the Green Line, Cyprus gives you the best of both worlds as it offers its tourists a Turkish experience up in the north and Greek down south. All year long, the island provides its visitors with a myriad of activities from biking and hiking to skiing on the world-famous Mount Olympus. Aside from exciting activities, Cyprus is also teeming with rich cultural heritage in the form of the Roman mosaics, Greek temples, and 15th century frescoes.

Bellapais Abbey Cyprus

Cyprus is a haven for nature and sun lovers with its surface covering nearly 10,000 square kilometers and a 2,000-meter mountain massif, making it one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean. Along with its varied landscapes and beautiful sights, some of the most popular activities in this side of the world are dipping, sailing, MTB-biking, trekking, and cycling. Anyone will also be awed with their historic sights that are found in many parts of the island, giving you a glimpse of its interesting past and how it was molded to the place that it is right now. One very good thing about Cyprus is that flights to and from the island is very easy and cheap. This makes it a good destination to come back to year after year.

Cape Gkreko

Climate in Cyprus

The island has one of the softest winter climates in the whole of Mediterranean which makes it a perfect holiday destination whatever time of the year it is. In fact, Cyprus is among a few of those regions in the entire world that has the healthiest climates. The sun can be seen and felt shining almost everyday and any rainfall occurrences only happen for a very short period as they are immediately blown away off of the country. Still, if you are looking to bask in its lovely beaches and bathing resorts, the best time to do so would be between the months of May and November.

Culture in Cyprus

Cyprus has so much to offer on the cultural aspect. Its varied mixes of the influence of Byzantines, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Turks, and Venetians has all had a hand in shaping and enriching the culture of this country. This is one of the reasons why this place is frequented by its tourists. The various antiquities in the form of Byzantine monasteries, Egyptian graves, stone hedge settlements, and Roman amphitheaters, to name a few, hold so much importance on how the country was coined.

Attractions in Cyprus

Close to Paphos is the Akamas Peninsula which is an excellent place for cycling, strolling, and swimming. This is the place that houses the popular Aphordite and Adonis Trails which is located in trails that travelers can explore in. Another attraction worth looking into is the Troodos Mountains. Decorated with Byzantine churches and monasteries that date back in the 12th and 15th centuries, this is a place that is full of pine trees and wine-making villages. It has a nearby resort where tourist can enjoy a much-deserved break from their busy lives.

Troodos Mountains View

Aside from historical landmarks and structures, Cyprus is also a place that is teeming with beaches, spas, water parks, and golf courses. They have so many beaches with crystal clear waters that would be perfect for swimming and diving. Luxury spas also make Cyprus very famous. Tourists can relax and treat their selves in their day spas. Water parks are very rampant in the island and should be a great joy for both children and adults. The island is fast becoming popular for its beautiful golf courses that are bathed with beautiful sceneries. Anyone who is looking to learn the ropes in this sport or brush up some skills should take great pleasure in doing it here.


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